Silverline 17.5 vs JM Labs Focal Utopia Be

To those of you who may have heard both: Which would you prefer, in a 14 X 12 X 10 ft room, in terms of imaging, high end,resolution, mid-range and soundstaging? Plced about 20" from the front wall.
The main difference between thses two speakers (both are phenomenal performers BTW), besides the SR 17.5 being easier to drive (assuming that you are talking about the Miro Utopia Be), are in the voicing. The Utopia is more "solid-state" in its sound, while the SR 17.5 is more "tubey". Whichever sound you tend to appreciate more, should lead you in the appropriate direction.
Thanks, Wenwaudio. Any idea if it will still image well close to the front wall? That's my big problem - placement - and reason for looking at speakers like the Totem Arro - although I hear that the Silverline is probably "richer" in the mid-range.
Most standmounts are designed to be placed away from boundaries, and I guess the Silverline's potent bass could be overwhelming close to the front wall, to say nothing of lack of depth. Casters are a better idea, IMHO.