Silverlie sr 17 for bookshelf speakers

I would love to here from someone who has tried using the sr17's as front bookshelf speakers. Because of a recent entertainment center in our 25x25 living-room i only have 14 inches in height to place bookshelf speakers. I also use this room for home theater. It has been suggested that i use sr17 as my fronts with two sr12's on there sides with tweaters facing in as the center channel. I know a sub and rears will be needed but the fronts are my immiediate focus. I was hoping that someone has tried this combination. Thank you for ant insightKevin
Hey Kevin- I have been using SR17's, but on Osiris 24" stands. The stands made a big difference in focusing and tightening up the soundstage. I'd initially tried them on lighter-weight stands and the focus and soundstage were somewhat loose and blured. I don't know how they'd sound a 14" high on bookshelves though (or did you mean that you only had a 14" tall shelf to put them on, as opposed to 14" off the floor?). I do still like mine when I'm standing up (listening higher than the speakers by at least 3 feet)...suprisingly the stage is still pretty wide at that height. The speakers themselves are wonderful..very liquid and buttery smooth. The bass is utterly remarkable for a monitor...I still can't believe sounds that low are coming from such a small enclosure. The finish is gorgeous. There are plenty of comments and reviews both here and on AudioAsylum with much glowing praise for these monitors. I'm just running them as two-channel, and am using an Aleph 5 currently. At 60wpc it is more than enough for a small room, but you may want a bit more power for your 25X25 room. They are 89db efficient at 8ohms. I had them out in a bigger space (about 30X40 with 12 foot ceilings) and that really stretched the limits of 60wpc when I listened to them at higher volumes. Sorry I can't comment on bookshelf installation as I've never done that. They are rear ported speakers, so you'll want to leave some space clear behind them. I would also consider weighing them down, and or spiking them in the bookshelf, and they are pretty deep too, at almost 14 inches in that dimension (so your shelf will need to have more space to take advantage of the rear port). They're pretty hefty at about 25 lbs each. One great strength about these speakers is their astounding transparency. They totally disappear on the stands and the soundstage is pretty laid back, well behind them. I know it's no your specific application, but hopefully the input will help! They are wonderful speakers and a great bargain for the price, especially if you can find a used pair (pretty rare to see them here on A'gon though as folks probably hold on to them). Good luck!
Keep in mind that I'm a silverline dealer, so take this as you will.

I have a set of SR-17's which I keep on a high wall to wall to ceiling open lattice timber bookshelf. Their rear port is about 4" from the rear wall, with books on either side and above. I have them hooked up to an AES-25 signature superamp for my morning coffee music fix. The speakers lose some of their imaging ability in this placement, as compared to 5 feet out on stands when they are pulled down for a demo.

What you get from these is a very pure mid to upper range as provided by the dynaudio esotar tweeter. This tweeter is usually only seen in 5K+ speakers and when mounted in a small monitor like this provides a best at any price high range. Great for vocals or small scale classical music. They don't have very strong bass, so the placement does not get boomy. Probably why they were recommended. You will definitely need a sub with these.

Thanks for the responce, i ordered the sr17s along with the sr12's