silver vs copper ICs

I am trying to narrow down my IC choices. Are there different sonic characteristics between these two. If so what are they. What about silver plated copper?
I've only compared the Harmonic Technology Truth Link's (copper) with the Pro-Silway Mk II's (I believe copper and silver). The latter are more open and have greater detail in the highs. The Truth Link's are a bit warmer and richer sounding, but, by comparison, make my system sound like it's being held back a little. For a brighter sounding system, the Truth Link's might work better. Hope this helps a little.
In response to your question "are there sonic differences between" copper and silver ICs, I would answer yes there are, with the provisos that the quality of either's conductors must also be considered, as should the location in the system, and the components, and ...

After 5 months looking for ICs that fill my requirements, in my system, I can appreciate your desire to limit your choices. Unfortunately, to provide some help, I think most responders would like to know what application (CD to Pre, Pre to Amp, etc.) the ICs will be used in, and what sonic characteristics YOU are seeking in the end. Simply stating that silver ICs provide greater resolution, but may have a tendency to be too bright might cause you to believe that silver will make your ears bleed. Some smart people here (not a self inclusive statement – 5 months and counting) might be able to help you reach your endpoint with a minimum amount of frustration during the journey if they are given just a bit more information.
Massvm good point. I am looking for ICs between all my components. I have a Classe 6 pre, a Cary 303 CD, B&K 442 amp, and Thiel 22. I am not looking to drastically change anything about the sound. My current ICs are musical concept superconect II and I thought I might be able to get soemthing more out my system without spending more than $200 a piece.
Go to ebay and do a search for "Cableplex", These are custom made silver-plated copper interconnects that are a fraction of the price. I compaired the basic cable that Matthew Kim makes to a Kimber Hero, and Matt's cable was much more detailed. He offers a few different models and they all sound great. My entire system is done in them (AMP, Pre-AMP, Transport, DAC, etc.). I just compaired a balanced basic cable to a Madrigal balanced MDC-1 cable, from my CD transport to the DAC, and I could not easily tell the difference (except in my pocket), my wife thinks Matt's cable has more detail than the Madrigal. He also makes power cords that have very nice craftsmanship. I use these on my CAL Audio delta / Alpha combo, they smoothed out some of the ariness in female vocals. I have a lot of friends and family that are also using these cables and for the performance to price ratio there are no complaints.
I am one of the bigger proponents on the site for silver. But, I also love many copper cables. I do NOT however, like silver plated copper. But, separate silver and copper wire in a cable are good. Silver, at its best, is not harsh or etched. Rather it is smooth, liquid, pure. Silver seems always detailed, open, and fast. Silver does seem to let you hear everything. That is a double edged sword, as it will magnify imperfections in your system/setup. If everything sounds right, it is a good next step. Not for everyone. Can be lightweight in cables that use silver too sparingly. Copper in a system that is not kind to silver, is more warm. More lush. Can usually ameliorate solid state electronics and forward sounding speakers.
Huge difference in my recent experience, Kadlec. This week I placed Audioquest Diamond between my DAC and pre-amp. This difference was *significant* and immediate. Much more detail, more open and a deeper soundstage. On the downside, it is thinner and/or truncated bass *on some recordings*. My guess is that what I'm hearing is more of what's really there. (Bear in mind that my esl's are not known for playing down low and are quite transparent.)

The difference is somewhat "quantifiable" to me due to the preferred adjustments on my amp. Prior to adding the Diamonds, I would listen in two-thirds pentode/one-third triode to get the best detail from my system. Now I'm getting more detail from two-thirds triode/one-third pentode than I did with the previously mentioned settings -- and a smoothness and lack of grain that I didn't have before. No loss in dynamics. And this is with silver IC between the DAC and pre only, the rest is copper AQ. Can't say whether this is true of all silver IC's to the same extent, I'm sure design has a great effect irrespective of materials.

Now, that said, I'm not sure whether I would like this cable *in my system* for the long haul if I were not adding a pair of very substantial subwoofers. While less accurate, and less detailed, I think the copper AQ cables are better to my speakers sans subs. Errors of omission aren't such a bad thing sometimes. Maybe the silver cable will "break in", as I said it's only been a couple of days. I think it should be swell once I add the subs.

By the way, has anyone tried the DH Labs Q10 speaker cable? I'm looking for a low imedance/low inductance cables for my esl's. This is silver coated copper. Does this stiff get bright? Any experiences or informed opinions?