silver upgraded Mccormack DNA-1 comparison

Is it worth upgrading the Mcormack DNA-1 to silver? What improvements in sound will it make? Is money better spent on going in a different direction to purchase a different amp.

I am looking to improve overall sound, silky - warm mids, airy clear highs, accurate good low end. Vocals to sound more human -live performance.Imating with a TAD 150 pre. This as well is an area I am also contimpalting a change to a Mapletree 4SE would be an improvement towards my goal???
sounds like you're a candidate for tubes my friend.
I agree with Larryken. I once had a DNA .5 that I upgraded to Rev. A which is now called "Gold". It was a nice improvement, but the tone of the amp didn't change, only more detail. I also had a TAD 150 signature as well. It was better than my ARC LS3, but I think you should audition some tube integrated amps to see/hear if you might like to go that way. Like they say in the Upscale Audio ad... "maybe you're just tube curious?"
Get the Mapletree 4SE and keep the DNA-1. From looking through the archives I remember reading the Mapletree preamps were a good match for McCormack DNA-1 or the DNA .5. Either that or get a McCormack TLC-1 stock or Deluxe. They mate well with the DNA-1. I've owned both and the sound was pleasing to my ears. Very airy yet detailed.

As for the Silver upgrade in the other thread you posted not too long ago many members told you to go for the upgrade. Second thoughts yet again?

You got a good thing there with the DNA-1 you have. I still think your preamp is the issue either that or there were synergy issues you had with the tubes. Weren't you supposed to change them to Mullards from the Mazda tubes you had in there?

Lastly Steve McCormack and Kris Jeter are honest and very approachable. They can answer your questions regarding the Silver upgrade to your DNA-1.
try experimentation with tweaks & cabling to fine tune sonic signature to your preferences:
power cords, line conditioning, AC outlet, dedicated AC circuit, interconnects, speaker cables, cones, footers, shelving, tube rolls, room treatments, speaker cabinet footers/cones
you'll be amazed what you can do with the setup you already have
Simple answer...Hell Yes!!! I recently had that done. Night and day difference. I'm using a custom Mapletree Audio Design Line 2A SE pre-amp,driving a pair of Magnestand MG-12s. Try adding the Mapletree first. If you can find one used(good luck)it is an inexpensive investment and you will get an idea of the sound.If you can't find one is still a very inexpensive upgrade. Talk to Dr. Lloyd first. Then call Kris at McCormack for a full rundown on the upgrade. Both of these guys are very knowledgeable and extremely helpful.
Have you pulled the trigger yet? I have never heard the stock unit, but have had two members comment on my amplifier. They both had sold stock units in the past and mentioned how nice my Rev. A DNA1 sounded. Both guys had a funny look on their face like wtf. This is a keeper amp for me even though I recently purchased a tube amp to try out. I like the tube amp also but there is a slight trade off in the bass department.
In my delay, i purchased a "deluxe" DNA-1 which I am having SMC upgrade in July. My original DNA-1 is up for sale