Silver Speaker Wire Recommendations?

I am lookng for recommendations for silver speaker wire in the $1500 price range. Any recommendations? I have B&W 803 Matrix speakers.
You might even consider a silver / copper blend like Harmonic Tech Pro 9's or Acoustic Zen's Satoris.

Not only are they both quite detailed and sweet, but their pricing is even sweeter.

For a used 10 ft pair you are looking in the $500 to 900 range.
The Alpha-Core MI2 silver cable (called the "Divinity", I think) is an excellent product, and may be within your price bracket (depending on cable length). For more info, look at Alpha-Core's Web site:

You might also want to consider the Silver Lace speaker cable from HomeGrownAudio. See their Web site at:
Might consider trying a DIY silver foil cable. Would come in around $350 and pretty easy to build. Of course if looks or braggin rights matter then you might not care for these. Check out
I recently installed a pair of Analysis Plus Silver Ovals and have found them detailed and open, without the "harshness" I have heard from the limited number of other silver cables that I auditioned. They will easily fit within your budget.
Bigkidz, I used several brands of silver interconnects and speaker cable (all the Silver Audio line, Home Grown, Bear Labs, Granite Audio #444, the last two I like the best), however on my reference system I very much prefer the Pure Note Epsilon Reference interconnects and speaker cables. I highly recommend you give them a demo!
Zu cable Wax is worth a try. Not sure if it's silver actually but it does have "proprietary conductor metallurgy ." He he he. They do sound excellent.

Bear Labs is good and reasonably priced. You may also want to consider the Lieder cables made by Jaap Gunter in the Netherlands. Jaap is THE guy who put Siltech "on the map." Later, after he had designed all their best and most popular cables, there was some dispute and Jaap left the company. He continues his work in The Netherlands, selling cables, ICs and speaker, under the Lieder brand name. If you'd like Jaap's email, let me know ( and I'll send it to you.

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Great responses and very helpful. Thanks to all. Looks like I have more research to do. Very much appreciated.
I found the 803's recessed midrange and hot tweeter to be ESPECIALLY problematic with silver cables. Sure you don'y want a sweeter design? Or is your amp that rolled-off?
Harm Tech Pro-Silways or Siltech ST48b are wide open and thus will probably sound lean with the 803s, but they're great cables. Good luck.
Cable Art. Newest single crystal silver alloy, with gold, never oxidizes and sounds incredible. Beats anything made in the U.S. sonically.
I think Argento Audio are what looking for. I use Argento in my system and it beats all other cables I have tried.
They use a much larger amount of silver compared to other brands, and maybe that is why they do not suffer the same bass weakness that alot of silver cables tend to do.
The bass is tight and detailed.

check it out on