Silver Speaker Cables

I would like to try silver speaker cables. I have always been curious as to how they would affect the sound of my system. That said, I have a very limited budget. Is there such a thing as low priced silver cables? If so, recommendations?

Thanks all!

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I'm not sure when you last tried to contact him but it was only a few months ago that he had Quadruple bypass surgery. I watched my father go through the same surgery and I know it takes a while to comeback from. He has been working on new products of course and in my case patience pays off. The one thing I know for sure is that Bob is great guy.


That's some good stuff right there.

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Try Vogue Audio 12 awg Pure Silver Speaker Cables, Power Cables, and Interconnects.  They have Specials every month where they offer different items at 50% off.  This month they're offering Speaker Cables and Power Cables at 50% off.  They're very reasonably priced to begin with!  They are my go to Audio Store for XLR Interconnects/Power/Speaker Cables.  That's Vogue Audio, all with free shipping!