SIlver Resolution Power Cable - by Signal Cable

I have been looking at these cables and wondered if anyone was using them - if so - how did they perform

- what component does it power (amp or source)
- what cable did you replace (stock or named brand)
- do you have a dedicated line with good outlets
- do you use a power conditioner
- what improvements did you hear

Even though they are reasonably priced - some might say cheap - I would like to get some feedback, since I already use Furutech 10 and 13 gauge cables to great effect.

I just think the silver/copper alloy used might be even better than my Furutech 13 gauge cables.

Many Thanks
I own them (Power Cord, RCA, XLR and Phono Cable with XLR Plugs).
Do not worry, they are excellent. Independent from price. The silver resolution will give you simply more from everything.
Syntax - not really worried, just trying to figure out if there would be any benefit over the Furutech cables I currently own.

I own silver I terconnects and love the detail - figured a silver alloy power cord is the next step up from copper without breaking the bank.

What brand power cord did you replace and on what component?

Thanks for the feedback
Hello Willie,

well, Sound with Powercords, honestly, a discussion I always avoid :-)
But, yes, I made comparisons with Siltech, Nordost, Oyaide Tunami and Purist Power Cords, also had one from Audio Note Japan for a loan.
The SignalCable Silver PC showed from the 1. Second a wider and deeper soundstage compared to all named above. The Instruments have a better separation, the musical flow is first rate.The higher frequencies had more power and speed.. I did that comparison with an old Decca SXL, recorded in the Vienna Sofiensaal in the 60's, probably the best concert Hall. And the best for checking out recorded details....
I use these with my Lamm ML2.1 Amps and the Lamm LL2.1 / LP2, they replaced Siltech and Purist.
What I recommend to you, when you go for them, ask them to terminate them with Oyaide Plugs for additional price (I would order those like this today). Normally they use Furutech I think, the wall plug is ok, but for the IEC inputs the Oyaide have a much better grip (and contact area).
Well, what can I say, I spent a lot of money, I got in contact with ultra expensive cables, most are not worth their price at all, to make a very long story short. Signal Cable is a light in the darkness of audiophile pricing/performance. Very, very good.
Agree with Syntax.
You can spend much more for the same or less performance.
Very nice products.
Syntax, how did the sound with the Signal Cable power cord in place compare to the other power cords you tried? (Siltech, Nordost, Oyaide Tunami, Purist, Audio Note)

when discussing:

fullness of the sound from the speakers
overall weight of the sound from the speakers
bass weight of the sound from the speakers

Syntax - know what you mean - but I'm a convert so you'll get no grief from me :-)

Thanks for the detailed response - now I know what you were using I have a much better idea of the capability of the Signal Power Cables.

Currently I'm using silver plated copper connectors - the iec's grip like a vice and the mains have the flattest pins I've ever seen.

They improved the dynamics (speed) of the cable a lot compared to some other connectors I've used.

I also found using small copper spades on the cables aided performance.

Think I'll order one and replace the connectors just to see how it compares to my existing cables.

BTW there is "special pricing" on this model right now and there is a little backlog - shipping date on my cable, ordered yesterday, is 30 Dec, 2013.

So they seem to be getting pretty popular.

Well my Silver Resolution power cable arrived and is installed on my amp

I concur with Syntax- this is indeed a darn good cable and benefits from
having the upgraded connectors. However, if the budget doesn't permit this
upgrade, the stock connectors do a pretty good job as well.

Now the cable it replaced, a 10 gauge Furutech DIY with silver-on-copper
mains connectors, was no slouch eitner and will be moving across to my
sources at some point in time.

So what were the improvements?..
- more detail- especially in room acoustics
- much nicer sibilance reproduction - more detailed and smoother
- a more natural voice reproduction
- much faster dynamics
- a deeper image
- more space around idividual instruments - clarity

One of the best cable upgrades ever

Again - I find myself agreeing with Syntax (BTW thanks for the input) -
Signal Cable is a light in the darkness of audiophile
pricing/performance. Very, very good.

Worth it? - Definately!

Give them a try :-)