Silver racks...


I have a black Lovan Classic II rack right now (and it's full of bulky-looking black gear), but I'm moving to a new place and I'm trying to get rid of "big black box" syndrome. I'll be moving to a condo with light hardwood floors and chrome/brushed aluminum fixtures. To that end, I'm trying to find some quality silver/aluminum gear, and a decent silver rack that won't set me back an arm and a leg. Can anyone suggest a rack that bears that look for around $500-$600? Thanks, all.
I believe SolidSteel sells both black and silver versions of their racks. Try out these links and good luck!
take a look at the versatile Apollo Aria modular line which can be had in a variety of finishes including silver
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Take a look at Boltz. They have a number of modular racks, LP shelving, AV stands and CD/DVD/VCR storage pieces that come in a brushed stainless.
Quadraspire racks are of a modern design. They are wooden (with the option of silver posts), but they look great in situations like yours.
Billy Bags makes some fine looking racks in brushed steel (silver) but perhaps not in that price range. They have the cool look of a Ducati motorcycle frame if you get the bracing.
Hey, thanks a lot for the help, everyone. I've printed out this page for quicker reference, and you've given me a bunch of great ideas to consider.