Silver question...

Have anyone compared these cables: AZ silver ref., Pure Note Silver Epsilon and Pure Silver Apasionata. I'm looking for a pair of silver i.c. to plug in from DAC to preamp. My system is all SS . Millenium II > millersound > Krell krc3 > millersound> Perreaux 350 P > AP oval 9 > Legacy Classics. Will one of these make an improvement over my Millersounds?
Can you spell BRIGHT. Dont know if Silver is the right ticket for your system.
I agree with Natalie above--I'd get copper unless you love very bright. I use the AZ Matrix Reference and love them, but I don't like bright. Also try the AP Copper Oval to warm things up.
You have to try the PGS Gold cable from Stealth. These are superb in details, delicacy and are not bright at all. They are not silver but gold. Let me know if you are interesed. An alternative is the M7 from stealth, pure silver but so sweet.
Not all silver cables are bright especially the Pure Notes. Pure Note has the speed of silver and warmth of copper. Actually they are very neutral. Since they compare to the Nordost Valhalla (they are not bright) you may want to try. I have also auditioned the AZ and D'lin (Silver Audio) and they are OK but not as detailed or sonically neutral.
Keep the MillerSound. The best for the price!! Hard to beat them. A tweak to try. Take off the locking RCA's. The soundstage and depth will significantly improve. The interconnects will have enough tightness to stay in the jack. Enjoy what you have and save the extra money for Christmas. Steve
Silver does not equate to bright. Get a quality cable that sounds good in your system, plain and simple. Audition both silver and copper, cheap and expensive, as any of them may sound the best.
All this talk about silver being bright, is bull.....
I'm sorry to use this kind of language but the main reason that silver has that reputation is because most cables using silver use so little of it. Try making a copper cable that use the same amount corematerial. It will also sound thin and boring.
To hear what silver can do for your system try listening to the Argento cables!!
Argento use large amounts of extremly pure and very long crystal silver in their cables, and they will better any cable. Not only the ones made of copper.

I have be using the Argento cables for 6 years now and nothing comes close.
I like Harm Tech Pro-9 a great balance w/my Pro-silway mkII.