Silver Power Cord Terminations?

Anyone know of PC terminations that use solid silver? Thanks
Why not use gold, or better platinum? Don't limit yourself.
Actualy the physical properties of pure silver aside from it's being the best of conductor, may not be practical for that application . The cost of pure silver .999+ is only about $15-20 an ounce. So it is not as ridiculous as it sounds. I don't think that it's material costs are as much a deterent as is platinum's cost at $1,500+ or gold's at $1,200+/- or palladium's, or rhodium's or unobtanium etc.. Besides gold and platinum would be too soft.
Stealth offers power cord terminations with silver contacts in Carbon fiber ... Titanium ... and Poly housing

Looks expensive ... may cost you your next born male ...

Here's link Stealth Terminations
IeGo makes male/female power cord connectors that are made from 4N silver. I think the model is Ti2000-8095 for the male plug and AG-R301 for the female plug. I can't get their website to load right now. It's:

Good luck.
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I've seen several bulk silver DIY power cables and was thinking silver would be best for terminating such a cable.

Of course, this is just an assumption. I would be happy to hear opinions from anyone with experience along these lines.

Yes, the Stealths look like they may be very pricey. Also not sure if they sell to DIYers.

I'll check into the IeGos.