Silver plated female RCA jacks on amp/preamp?

Anyone tried using silver plated vice gold on amps/preamp/DAC? With the propensity of silver-clad and solid silver cables, I am curious about the synergy (or lack of) using silver jacks. Any thoughts and especially personal exeperiences would be very helpful.
My Audio Note L3 kit pre-amp came with silver plated RCA connectors as standard parts. I've been meaning to change the input RCA connectors on my amp to silver plated ones but haven't got around to it. My interconnects are all silver wire.

If you have an extra input on a pre-amp, for example, try replacing it with a silver plated RCA connector and see if you discern a difference between it and a gold plated connector. Audio Note makes nice silver RCA female connectors priced at $17.95 a pair.
I am always stunned by how cheap Audio Note is with the RCA jacks !
I replaced the jacks and posts on my CJ 350 with WBT, obviously can't do an A/B but thought it made a worthwhile improvement. ASR and some others make better jacks [silver] an option. Most components can use better RCAs. silver or other.
Saw the Audio Note silver-plate jacks--they look very nice for the "low" price. Also, Goertz has solid silver jacks at a higher, but not bad-considering, price.
I like the Cardas silver jacks. I bought a bunch and used them on the EQ box for my Infinity RSIIa speakers.
They are nice. the only thing was i drilled a tiny hole in the flange as the backs ground part had no spot to stick a wire.
Other than that (which was no problem) they were great. i still have a pair laying around...