Silver MC step-up

Thinking of buying a Lundahl 1931/1933 silver MC step-up.
Have copperversion of 1931.
Will silver improve sound if weakest part is copper like cartridge-coil & tonarm Cable.
Consider system in use meet demands.
Normally they say nothing`s better than weakest part in system.
Greatly appreciate Your thoughts/experience.

Many Thanks!
This is most likely one of those decisions that one has to make purely on a try and see approach; if it doesn't improve the sound one can probably sell the SUT without taking a huge loss.

There is no way that anyone can reliably say whether the changes wrought will be to your liking or not. Personal taste and system synergy comes into play. I have heard good sounding equipment with both silver and copper transformer windings (mainly amplifier output transformers, but also phono SUT and passive transformer volume controls). One of the better phono SUT I've tried in my system is the top transformer made by Audionote (uk) and it has silver primary and secondary windings. But, I have no idea what an identical transformer with copper windings would sound like. One of my amps (Audionote Kageki) has silver output transformers, but again, I have no idea what silver contributed to the sound.

As a rough observation, I find that silver wire adds clarity and vibrancy to the sound and this might tend to make the overall tonal balance slightly brighter. I generally like the sound of silver wire, but, I would be concerned if what your system really needs is a bit more warmth or more prominent bass for balance.
I have made the switch from copper LL1931s to the silver LL1931s in my K&K Audio beta Venice phono pre. To my ears a more natural, open and detailed sound. A well written discussion of the differences is posted the K&K Audio AudioAsylum site. As a disclosure, I have a preference for silver wire. My DIY interconnects and internal signal path wiring in my DIY phono and line preamps and DIY main amps is OCC silver. In my experience silver wire does require more break-in time. This is also true for the Lundahl transformers. I would recommend at least 100 hours with a line level burn in signal (~0.3mV rms) before listening.
Thanks for Your response.
John, I have 1931 copper.
My system is all tube except
CD player (Meridian).
All cables silver.
I will look at k&k asylumum.
Many Thanks!
In my experience silver in transformers does not have the harsh sound many associate silver with cable wire.

YMMV though, I have only heard the silver wound Bent Audio step up which sounded good to me with a Dyna XV-1s.