Silver Jews

So I've been listening to a few of there albums this afternoon & was thinking there are probably a fair amount of "rock" music lovers on this forum who have never heard of them. They are worth a listen. There music reminds me of a stripped down bar band that is often on the verge of alt/country with just a hint of rockabilly. They are a fairly creative band that stop at the edge of becoming weird. There lyrics are often amusing & sung in a manner you would expect from a band of this nature. There was a lot of talent in this band as members from "Pavement" as well as the "Pixies" contributed, but the mainstay of the band was David Berman who took his life last month so there will be no more. 
It really isn't to far out there (although I enjoy that type of music as well). I think you would enjoy it roxy. 

Interesting that you posted this. A fellow member turned me on to The Purple Mountains (I think it was Berman’s last record). I have this one a four Silver Jew lps on pre-order from Drag City. BTW, by ordering direct from Drag City, there's no shipping charge or sales tax.
Sorry to hear about David. I have Lookout Mountain, Lookout Sea. I've always enjoyed it but never got around to listening to more.
Thanks for the responses guys. 
Slaw, what did you think of the Purple Mountaintops? I haven't heard that yet. 
After auditioning it, I liked it enough to place the orders I mentioned above. David seems right up my alley, much like Jason Molina.