silver interconnect cables for Class A tube amp?

I have a class A triode tube power amp and a class A triode tube preamp and deciding to weather to use silver interconnect cables over copper interconnect cables for the pre to the amp. What are your experiences and thoughts?
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I use Homegrown Audio DNA Interconnects. I believe they offer an in home trial.

Hi Jake,
I use Tempo Electric by Joseph Levy, Silver IC's (and the same SC's) between SET Amps and tube Pre. I have not really made any comparison, tho. It is worth trying.
I use a custom silver over copper with my class A tube (Jadis) integrated amp and sources with good results. I think it is one of the best places to use silver along with phono sources. I would give it a shot. The Cable Company has a lending program, you might want to investigate.
I use silver IC and S. cables with my tube class A system and the
combination is exquisitely natural with beautiful tonality and transparency.
Keep in mind that various brands of silver cables can sound distinct from
one another. Besides the silver conductor the dielectric, construction,
quality of the siver etc. A variety of factors affect the final sound of a
particular cable. I feel that silver cable done correctly is a superb choice, it
preserves the natural warmth and harmonics. I haven't in my experience
had issues with edge,thinness, lean character or brightness that some
have claimed with silver. It has been quite the contrary for me.
Check out the Darwin Silver or Ascension line of ICs.
You might like them.

All the best,
I use a Jadis DA88S integrated amp with Kimber silver interconnects top of the range with great results.
Thanks you guys for your thoughts. I just tried a pair of Kimber Kable silver streaks. I was shockedwith the clean highs and lushes image and inner detail! i think I will run the preamp to my amp with the same cable since the KCAG is pricey but would like to try just for fun."
The clean high/treble is what silver is known for. The question becomes "how bright do I want the music to sound?"
I honestly don't hear increased "brightness" with the silver
cables I've tried, just improved clarity , transparency and tonal purity.
Jakecanada, I am not surprised at your positive results.