silver IC's placement

ive decided to switch to dh labs revelations. can only afford one set for now. i will try both locations, but just wondering , leave the copper on amp and pre and put silver on the source or other way around. and would it pay to put silver on both? i would not consider my system dark but could use a little air for lack of a better word. thanks
You answered your own question with, "i will try both locations".

My suggestion would be to try in ea. position for a few weeks & get used to the sound before you switch.

I looked at the pic of your system & didn't see or notice any mention of room treatments. You might want to consider them (especially on the hard back wall) plus the free tweak of speaker placement. It's amazing how much a little movement can change the presentation.
well after trying one set, i was so happy i broke down and bought the other, i couldnt be happier. i got just what i asked for in terms of a more open and revealing sound. i think i will stay with copper on my turntable and speaker cables for now , as i dont want too a bright sound, i believe ive found a happy medium. ps. to driver ive not tried room treatments, but have moved the speaker out some and have moved things away in order to open the surrounding area up, and it has worked well.