Silver IC's for tubed preamp/monoblocks

Hi guys!
I just bought a Kavent (Shengya/Vincent OEM) tubed preamp that I'm hooking up to a pair of Kavent hybrid monos and I want to upgrade to silver ICs.

I'm considering the following:
- Guerrilla Audio
- Signal Cable
- Element Cable

Do you have any recommendations among these 3 (or any reasonably priced IC)? I'm planning to upgrade power cords later on, as well. But meanwhile, any comments on the ICs is appreciated. Thanks!
I would also look at e-ticketcables. Only silver plated, but they are a nice buy for the money. I prefered them to the signals. But have never tried the others.
Any, but I like the rscables silver ic.
Quicksilver Audio makes some very nice, reasonably priced silver IC's. I've enjoyed them in that specific connection, which is, I believe, what they were designed for.

HI, the best silver I have heard are A Capella La Musica. I have a pair from my turntable to preamp. I wouldn't part with them. They are very expensive but, sometimes available for less on Agon.

They manufacture tube gear which is very accurate frequency responsewise and they also make interconnects, speaker cable and power cords to go with their gear -
I use thir interconnects, speaker cable and power cords in my high end solid state home theater system and they work to perfection for both multi-channel high resolution music and movies.

I know how you can get good discounts, too on their stuff.
Add Ridge Street to your list: naturally insulated silver. No Teflon, no plastic.
In the micro-price, high performance arena I have greatly enjoyed Auricle Audio Design IC's by Joemazzaglia. Currently advertised for $49.99 per pair, one of the extreme bargains here on Audiogon.
His unique, handmade proprietary design RCA jacks, and multi-metal alloy wiring unite to make a very transparent, full range conduit for the glories of tube sound.
As you can tell, this is a very competitive part of the audio hobby with many worthy vendors. Therefore, the audible results in your system are likely to be fine with any of the recommendations since the comments on their websites and feedback threads already show many satisfied customers.
It seems there is upgrade potential in more than one design, and with more than one metal.
Hi, Do a Google on " Grover Ultimate Reference " silver cables. Plently to read on. Just got myself a pair but too early to comment. Good luck!
i own a pair of element copper cables, unshielded and terminated with bullet plugs. i have tried several brands of silver cable including ridge street. i find, with one exception which i will mention shortly, that silver cables have a character which one can notice after audition for a period of time.

resolution can be attained without using silver interconnect cables. the element cable is more than adequate in that department, and the cables are not expensive.

the exception to my experiences with silver cable is the sunny cable technology cable. unfortunately this cable is very expensive.

i beleive that you can return the element cable within 30 days.
Thanks Folks! Lots of good thoughts here!
I have balanced AudioQuest and Mapleshade ICs in my main system (SS)and whereas they work great with my Parasound Halo A21/P3 and Marantz SACD, I'm not thrilled by their performance with the tube gear. Then I took my pair of Harmonic Tech/Silver that I use with my MDHT/Paradisea DAC (unbelievable affordable piece of equipment BTW!) and hooked the Kavents, let it run for several hours and when I came back... whoa!
Since this is a second system, I'm keeping the $s down to get some decent silver cables.

So I guess nobody has had any experience with the Guerrilla cables? They seem to make good stuff...

Jax2: Thank you for the Quicksilver reminder. How come I didn't consider them!

Azstereo: I looked e-ticketcables up and at the end, says the company is, but they got nothing about ICs.
Take a look at Pure Note. They compare to Siltech products but are much more liquid and 1/10 the price. Real ribbon wire in air design. Wonderful with my Atma OTL amps.
Hey Listener57, thanks for your post. What are you hooking up with your AAD IC's? Did you compare them to something else?
I have used and still use AAD, Mapleshade ribbon, JPS Superconductor, Marigo, Reality, in different systems.
There is a basic level of excellence which any fine IC exhibits, and then there is the extra "wow" factor when a certain IC connects certain components and delivers something special.
In comparison to other brands, the AAD's special attribute is transparency and detail retrieval without being too incisive or edgy. It also offers very extended range sound.
The other brands mentioned also provide excellent sound. All are more expensive and one can find certain aspects of their sound delivery to be superior in some way to AAD, which is still the lowest cost great IC I have ever tried. Incidentally, in the next higher price range there is my overall champion, Reality IC at $225 a pair.
There is always a matter of personal taste that is hard to express in words, and it is not possible to convey all the mix and match results due to so many potential combinations of components and wiring. I usually aim to use the same brand to connect all components in the same system.
For example, AAD connects Sound Valves VTP-101i preamp to Cary SLA-70Sig EL34 amp, and connects classic Scott Nixon Anodyne ATAS tube D-A converter to this preamp. My costly NOS tubes depend on the AAD IC's being good enough.
The ability to distinguish subtle effects of various tube changes and other "tweaks" is very high with the AAD, as it is with the Reality.
In another system AAD connects classic Mod Squad phono preamp to Aronov 960i tube integrated amp, and connects EVS Millennium II D-A converter to the Aronov.
Since the AAD is so economical it serves as a baseline of excellence against which others can compete. To my ears, this IC breaks in within the first seven to ten hours, with even more natural sound after about fifty hours of use.
And, it's made in America by a real person to whom you can speak.
Listener57: very well put answer, thanks for sharing your experience!

When you say that
silver cables have a character which one can notice after audition for a period of time
Could you elaborate on what you mean by that "character"?

Later on, I'll post a list of the recommendations you all have given me so far.