Silver I/Cs good match for Planet CDP??

Picked up one of these on used market, are silver I/Cs a good match, any other recommendations, thanks.
Hi, yes I think silver is your best bet. I have owned a Planet and I found it to be a little laid back, so the transparency of silver should be a great match. I also can recommend a silver cable. Vantage Silver Marina (245.00) factory direct. They will send you the cable and allow you to try it for 45 days. If you like it send them a check if not send them the cable back. I compared it to many other interconnects in its price range and found that it bettered them all. Vantage Audio is at
I'm using Audioquest Diamondx3, and it sounds great. I used Lapis before that, also with good results.
I owned a Planet and found it schrill and hard. I used a Stan Warren modified 22B dac and it was great, much better than my (once owned) ARC CDP1. All this to say that if you are using the Plante direct I would go with a copper cable know for having a richer sound such as some of the Cardas gear. Perhaps pricey for a Planet, I'll leave that to you. Happy listening. Regards, Mike
I use a braided, teflon, silver stranded to a WBT type, home made inner-connect with great results, Total cost was around $25.00. Oh, BTW Kimber's cable cost $300 per meter.