Silver cables: W O W !!!

Just redid some Kimber PBJ cables into silver Kimber wire and I have to say the sound is just much happier! It (the SOUND) is more "tubey"... that is: sweet, creamy... All the high frequency sounds seem more friendly. I also tried to imitate the "silver hot,copper returns design, but that was really disappointing compared to the all silver. (Yes I wove the wire same as Kimber PBJ.. and used the PBJ RCAs for my 2 sets of 1 foot long silver creations) So NOW I think.. hummm silver speaker wires... but then I calculate the cost and shudder!
It will be well worth the time and money (speaker cables). Keep playing, it's amazing how much sound is in your system!
Another convert Elizabeth? How much did you spend for the Kimber wire? I have found HomeGrown Audio's Super Silver to be better than KCAG, for the price of PBJ. And, for a real eye opener, try the HomeGrown Silver Lace. Will redefine what you think about interconnects. If you need to buy silver wire, HomeGrown sells it for $1.80/foot, when you buy at least 50 feet. Not sure if anyone sells it cheaper(always looking). You may go crazy from braiding it though. I could make a 12 - 13 gauge speaker cable for about $500. I think that may be my longterm project...
I recently auditioned Tributaries all-silver, and silver/copper wire on my Vandy's and heard a little more
detail and bass focus(!?) on the silver cables. I liked both, especially compared to the all-copper I was replacing,
but the silver was worth the extra $1.50/ft. Even @$5.50/ft, well worth it!
While not the ultimate way to hear things like imaging and soundstage, for checking out tonal balance you can put your system in mono, hook up one run of each cable to the left and right speaker, and toggle the balance knob back and forth. A-B the wires instead of having to rely on memory. Differences will jump right out at you.
So is silver always better? On Tributary at least, it is.
silver interconnects are a great improvement, no question. But ya'll might be suprised about use in the speaker cables. If you bi-amp it may well sound better using silver for one set of drivers and a really good copper cable for the other frequencies.
I agree totally. AS Trelja would tellya, I'm a silver junkie myself. Hey Trel, have you compared the Lace IC to AQ Diamond?
Yo G13! How've you been? I have not had any AQ silver cables in my current system. So, I have not compared them. I did use Lapis previously. Found it nice. I do like the dynamics of Silver Lace. Hard to find that in any cable. I also am a big fan of Silver Audio Hyacinth. Generally, I find that AQ cables(don't know about the new line) are quite neutral, so I think there's some different flavors available to us silver lovers. Hyacinth being quite smooth and liquid. Silver Lace sounding big, yet clear and liquid at the same time. AQ in the middle. Kimber KCAG/HomeGrown Super Silver/Wireworld(maybe) being more crystalline. I recently read a post(someone I respect, but now can't remember who it is...) who felt the Silver Lace to possess TOO much bass in his system. Bet there are a lot of people who would LOVE to try it in their systems because of that.
I got my system wired up with all Wireworld Gold Eclipse III, quite a nice improvment over KCAG.
Has anyone had any experience with Audioquest KE-4 silver cable, perhaps a double run to have a larger AWG? Curious how this cable might compare to some other silver cables.