Silver cables and CD players

Is this a good match??? Or are there any cheaper cables that will be more compatable???
I use only silver interconnects and speaker cables. I greatly prefer them to any copper I've ever used. Just my opinion. You can get good silver interconnects on audiogon at good prices. Silver speaker cables are much more costly since they require a lot more silver than interconnects.
It's not about silver, or copper, or gold, or combination of them.

Far more important are purity of the conductor(s), geometry of the cable, and the dielectric.

Silver cables cost more because silver is more expensive.

It has nothing to do with performance. Some of the very best interconnects and speaker cables are pure copper.
AudioFeil is right of course. Besides, you've asked this question more or less before and got plenty of good answers.
It is sometimes said, that silver will add to brightness. I myself would not think of using silver cables (quite apart from what Bill has said above) with CD players, especially considering, that you had said in an other thread, that your system tends to be brightish.
Try JPS Labs aluminum alloy cables. If you're like me, once you've heard them you'll never go back to copper or silver.
I know, aluminum sounds funky, sorta like cheap storm doors and flameable houses built in the 70s. But Joe S. has come up with a truly remarkable product that delivers the detail and openness of silver, but without the brittle highs, and with the warmth and richness of copper. Certtainly worth demoing a pair. You could always demo your favorite copper, silver and JPS cables from the Cable Company for a modest rental-goes-to-purchase-price cost and then buy what sound best to you.
>but without the brittle highs, and with the warmth and richness of copper<

This is an old wives' tale that has perpetuated erroneously over the years.

Copper is not warm and silver is not etchy.

I've owned/heard grainy copper cables and mushy silver cables.

Once again, it's about the implementation not the conductor material.
I prefer silver with a polyethylene dielectric or silver/copper teflon material wise. Solid core for interconnects, stranded for speaker cables, but some semi-solid core silver plated copper sounds very good as speaker cables. Listen, listen, listen. Each amp/speaker/cable match will be different. jallen
I can't believe Feil got one right! And he used a five syllable word! I would only add that the quality of the conductor is very important. Perhaps we can include quality in the scope of implementation.
It depends on the silver and the gauge. Clear Day Cables uses a wonderful sounding silver in both their speaker cables and Hologram interconnects.

PS Audio also uses an excellent silver in their Transcendent series
"Perhaps we can include quality in the scope of implementation."
Not perhaps, we must in my opinion. More often than not, good design and first class material is spoiled by bad soldering and more often than not this is the case even with expensive cables. Material and gauge alone, though important, does not do it.
For further reading I would suggest: and click "Technical Papers "
on the left side of the screen. It makes good and interesting reading.
Aluminum? Why? I don't care about its 'sound', which can't be better than a proper Ag or Cu cable, but mechanically, aluminum has no fatigue strength and won't take much bending.
No fatigue strength means that EVERY mechanical cycle, as you bend the wire into place eats into its lifetime.
And, while I'll admit that cables are'nt subject to much mechanical stress, each time they are moved, they get closer to failure.
Read thru some of the Empiricalaudio stuff and I'll go back later, when I have more time.