Silver Cables

I was going to do all kimber select silver in my system 1136, 3038 but want to also consider other alternitives since that is a bit on the pricey side and a bit hard for me to get. My system is all tubes quicksliver v4 amps vandersteen 5a speakers. There VCC5 center and vsm sourounds it doubles as a HT and 2 channel. My cryteria is they all need to be balanced, silver to brightent he sound a bit. I have 7m innerconnects so it is quite long and 4 ft speaker wires biwired.

I also use this as a demo room for my busness which is growing so they also have to look nice and impressive which is why i was originally thinking kimber.

I have had great performance from the Audio Magic cables that I have used in several systems. Check out their website and talk to Jerry before buying anything else. Amazing products!!
use the Quicksilver silver cables, and use JJKT88 tubes. The v4 is a bit on the dark side and this will help. Also use Quiciksilver silver interconnects as well. I had a pair of these in the past. You wil need a very alive preamp to get the most of them. Jallen
I am using a asetix clyspo pre amp. I was considering the quicksilver but I am running all balanced and would need 2 runs per amp with that cable to get teh 3 conductor I need. I have 3 frount amps 21' innerconnect two runs each gets costly with the quicksliver. I am using jjkt88 tubes already.