Silver Breeze or Furutech AG-12

Hi: looking for opinions, thoughts, advice from anyone who has owned/compared these two phono cables. Thanks.
I have them both, RCA-to-RCA, used on an SME-M2-12R with an SPU Royal GM II cartridge. Both are excellent. The AG-12 is a little fuller and richer in presentation, more dimensional; the Silver Breeze is more open, more extended at both ends, maybe a little faster. But it's not lean. Both are nicely detailed and balanced. The AG-12 might be a touch quieter but not much. The AG-12 is a super bargain, IMO. I'm using the Silver Breeze now because I moved my phono stage and needed more length than the AG-12's 1.2-meters, but I'm holding on to the AG-12. Furutech seems not to make a longer cable whereas Silver Audio was happy to make a 2-meter. They're both high-value cables. You really cannot go wrong either way, IMO.