Silver Audio Symphony 48 speaker cables?

Has anybody tried Silver Audio Symphony 48 speaker cables?
My speakers are Thiel 3.6 and my amp is Jeff Rowland model 10.My problem is low efficent speakers with a mid size power amp.I was thinking about Nordost SPM, but I think the Silver Audio is lower ohm and cap.Will this help. Any sugestions or comparisoms. Thanks.
I use several brands of speaker cable. One of my favorites is the Silver Symphony 48. They are very detailed with good bass extension, very nice mids and highs. I honestly don’t know how they will sound with your set up.
If I were you I would call Max at Silver Audio and present him with your question. I have always found him to be extremely honest, knowledgeable and helpful. I hope you find what you are searchasing for.
After auditioning Nordost Blue Heaven, I chose Silver Symphony 48's for my Classe + Vienna Acoustics system. The Silver Audio cables have a more liquid sound, less sizzle than Nordost. Max and I talked at length about cable designs prior to my purchase. Of course, tastes vary and you may prefer Nordost. In any event, I've had great customer service with Silver Audio; highly recommended.
I am using Silver Audio Symphony 48 speaker cables with Thiel 3.6 (Counterpoint preamplifier, amplifiers and BAT CD player). Before I made my final decision, I tried MIT magnum shotgun, Cardas golden reference, Harmonic Tech Pro-9. Cardas golden reference has more bass authority, slightly. But the open soundstage of Silver Audio Symphony 48 let me make my final decision.

Good Luck!
I love my HT Pro-9's w/my Thiel 2.3's. Great match