Siltech SQ28 mk II vs Purenote Paragon Enhanced

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Experiencing New cables today II
We got a little sidetracked on the last review, hence this is a new continuation.

I tested 2 interconnects using 13 songs tonight. Here are the results:

Siltech G5 SQ28 mk II versus Purenote Paragon Enhanced silver

equipment used:
MBL 1531 cdp (Siltech G6 Ruby Hill new Cryo)

Audio Research Reference III preamp
(VH Audio Airsine (imported from US)

Krell FBP 200c class A pwramp
internal powercord.
Harmonix HS101GP 1.5 meter XLR

Verity Audio Fidelio Encore speakers
Purenote Paragon Enhanced 2.5 meter spk cable

PS Audio P500 Powerplant

1. FIM Fourseasons Winter: PureNote had better speed and energy.
2. UM2 Danny Summer: PureNote created a more realistic vocal
3. Andrea Bocelli Romanza:PureNote was more balanced on bass versus vocal
4. Secret Garden: Purenote had greater emotion
5. 酒紅色的心: Purenote was more definitive on the notes
6. Bachianas Brasileiras No5 Aria: The high pitch was clearly won by Purenote
7. Norah Jones: Come away with me: Close, but Purenote was more relaxed
8. Chinese Violin concerto: Purenote were more realistic.
9. Julio Iglesias: Vocal was superb on the Siltec
10: Albert Au: Once again the vocal of the silver/gold Siltech just sound so attractive
11: Choi Kam: Siltech has one of the more seductive vocals in town
12: Jacky Cheung: Siltech on the vocal wins
13: The Pianist soundtrack: draw
14: YOYO Ma: draw
Interesting findings. I once owned Siltech G3 interconnects and speaker cables. Imo, the gold/silver alloy adds a little more weight and body at the expense of absolute definition. I replaced my G3s with the Pure Note Paragons which were a better match for my system. I took the savings and upgraded my speakers. Pure Note cables do offer a lot for the money and they are well made.
Nice review. I replaced my Nordost Valhallas with the Paragons last year and have not looked back.
Hi rch10, in your reply on Audiogon you mentioned the fact that you’ve sold your Nordost Valhalla’s in favour of the Pure Note Paragon Enhanced. How come that you sold your multithousand dollar cable and replaced it with a sub 1000 US dollar one? What is the main difference sonically between the Valhalla and the Paragon Enhanced? Have you also heard the Wireworld Gold Eclipse? Does the Paragon Enhanced have the harmonic richness through the midband like the top-of-the-line Siltechs?


Price does not guarantee the best audio performance at least in my system. A few years ago the Valhalla was the "reference standard" for many. Today there are better cables for less thanks to direct Internet manufacturers. In the case of Pure Note, there is no 1000% markup and dealer markups. You are getting great cables for little money, IMO.

The Valhallas are a little dry to me and the Paragon is more rounded or faithful to the music. I once owned Siltech and found them to be fast but a little etched. I have not heard the Wireworld Gold Eclipse.
Kyoto: Were the interconnects RCA or XLR? What length? Also did you use more than one i/c and what components were connected with these cables in your evaluation?
I know this thread is mainly concerned with ICs but it just so happens that I am currently testing Paragon En. speaker cables against Valhallas. About a year ago I replaced my 10 meter QFil XLR with a similar Paragon, preferring its smoother, somewhat fuller yet extremely detailed sound so this year I decided to compare the speaker cables. I probably have about 15 hours on the Paragons to date so they're still pretty fresh but they are acquitting themselves quite nicely. Overall, if I had to make a choice today I would return to the Valhallas as I find them to be slightly more open and dynamic (the old "...lets go of the notes into free space..." phenomenon) and to have a tad more impactful bass (though possibly less even-handed up and down the bass range). But once value is thrown into the equation it's all Paragon hands down.