Siltech spx30 power cable

Is there anyone use this power cable for digital source ??
How do you compare Siltech power cables
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This is a nice cable. Fasst, quick, dynamic. Its a bit on the leaner side of the reality. It dont overemphasize the bass. Depending on your system and your taste,this could a winning cable.
I used it on my Wadia 270 transport, it is of course so much better than the stock cord, but I also like it over several other power cords I have tried. The spx30 brings out clearity, detail in such a smooth way, and its also very flexible, just what I was looking for.
I receveid it and now is in the burn in process, but with a "good day" right away from the box!
Anyone put this cord on an amp?
Well after some serious listening sesions, this power cord worked fine for me. My cdp finally showed the organic sound and this pc helped me much. Also fast.

As for using it with an amp? I tried some integrated (Cary sli80 and krell) and it was a perfect match. I guess it is good for bigger amps too, some day i will test it to my Plinus.