Siltech "G5"

Anybody with any experince with these cables. My dealer loves them. Of course, they are his "high end" cables, along with fadel Art.

I have two pair of the ST-18 G3 which are the "entry" level ones (ha!) at $300 per meter. I am very impressed. They replaced and were better in my system than the Nordost Red Dawn which are $400/meter. The highs were very very slightly better in the Red Dawn, however the bass performance of the ST-18 was a lot better than the Red Dawn. I did try the ST-38 G3 and did not find them to be enough better (note: in my system) than the ST-18, to be worth the extra money. A better system than mine could yield a different result. Who is your dealer? If it is Northampton Audio/Spearit Sound who does sells these, you can trust their judgement.
Celestial Sounds in Evanston
Hi Sugarbie. Small world. After my complaints re system leanness Ethan at Spearit in Boston recommended I also replace my Red Dawn with Siltech G3!...except he has none for me to demo! Hmmm....
Please further elucidate your perceived differences: how is the bass better? My bigger concern is a "clickiness" on treble transients. Is the Siltech smoother without robbing detail or transparency? Thanks. Ernie
I was using Nordost Red dawn speaker cable and upgraded to Siltech LS4-180 (the immediate predecessor to LS-180G3). There is really no comparison between these cables. Nordost is good for the price but the sound is slightly lean and the treble a little harsh to my ears. With the Siltech, all the harshness dissapears and you can listen at higher levels without fatigue. The strength of Siltech is the georgeous, detailed and airy midrange - basically detail with a hint of added warmth. The bass is also much better than the Nordost. As you go up the Siltech range you get more of everything but I dont think that the entry level cables get anywhere near the performance of the more expensive reference models which are significantly better .
I hope this is helpful. Incidentally I happen to be selling my LS4-180 speaker cable on Audiogon at the moment if you are interested !( I have changed to Transparent ref XL).
Deshapiro - I assume you are dealing with Riccardo Reyes at Celestial Sounds. I dealt with him when he was at another shop in Chicago...via phone. I called him one day to ask about cable. Mailed me tons of stuff to audition. Outstanding advice. Excellent recommendations. No pressure. I bought from him without ever meeting him or setting foot in the store. Never did that 'till then, never done it since. I tried about 30 different combinations from several dealers. I wound up with Siltech interconnects and Nordost blue heaven cables
(Riccardo didn't sell the Nordost). The interconnects were worth every penny (even though I ultimately spent way more than I initially planned) and the 38B cable was the second runner up. Very important to try out the combinations in YOUR system before shelling out any cash. Good Luck