Siltech G5 v G6

Anyone have knowledge of the differences in Siltech's higher end G5 vs G6's. Particularly interested in the Emperor.

I would assume you are refering to the Signature G5 and G6, if so, the G6 is the current Siltech's top range signature series that replaces the old Signature G5. I do not know about the Emperor in partcular, but I heard that in general the new G6 is more neutual, quieter, and pretty much better or as good in every aspect comparing to the old Signature G5. However, the Signature G5 is warmer sounding, so some would prefer it over the G6 because of it.

There is also a current G5 Classic series, which is one level below the G6 signature series, and they are a lot less expensive, and less capable.
I have the G-5 and G-6 versions off the "Golden Ridge" digilink, the difference between them was a little less background sounds / more quit in favour off the G-6 version.

Regards Jan
I have had both G5 and G6 with and w/o SATT - Emperor, power cords and interconnects. The G6 is significantly better - quieter, no grain or grit (not that there was much at all with G5) and more detailed and neutral. The Emperor is a great cable.