Siltech G5 classic vs Nordost Silver Shadow COAX


I am considering either of those digital cables for my system and I am wondering what your views are?

Does anybody know if Silver Shadow at the time was one below Valhalla in the line-up or were there more cables in between them?

You probably wonder why I dont tell you what is my system like. The thing is I am just building it and I dont know :)

I have rather warmish speakers based on my experience with lower model of same company (zingali Home Monitor 2.10+), Eximus dp-1 DAC which is neutral, detailed, and not harsh at all also very musical (I know this component very well). Power amp is Job 225 with is of unknown quantities to me but it is said to be fast, neutral and potentially lean but also users swear it is not bright. The CD transport is very detailed Meridian 596 DVD. Speaker cable Acoustic Zen Hologram 2 (dont know them yet) and RCAs are Argentum Mythos which were designed to neutralize bright sounding systems (dont know them yet). uff that is it :D

I previously was exposed to XLR Nordost Valhallas in similar system (different AMP but also SS of I hope similar qualities to Job 225 - Priamre I30) and I loved the Valhallas so I guess natural choice for me would be Silver Shadow but I am also interested in your views of Siltech G5 Classic Coax as they are of similar price bracket but rather different sounding cables as far as I understand from my short research.

Nordost - fast, detailed, Siltech - slower, warmer, more rounded sound?

Sivler Shadow could be 15 years old as they started making them in 99? and G5s in classical flavour surfaced on 2003 - 2004? Would age be your consideration here?

Thanks for all info and help.

Nobody knows Zingali in the United States (at least not yet)
Do you think the speakers are warm?