Siltech G5 against the rest of the world.

I finally received the Siltech Compass lake G5 interconnects. They have an official price tag of $7500 per meter pair.I would recommend that we save ourselves from a discussion if this price will ever be justified for any cable. We all know that this is a stratospheric price level and hardly anybody will be able to afford such a cable.
But I have to admit that even the well known Valhalla stands beaten in its corner by this cable.
This cable has done great damage to me: It has shown what potential lies hidden in my system, and during the two days I was auditioning this cable, I have learned , that my system is capable of conveying an awesome rich, detailed, sound, which was hidden before I put these cables in.
It will be very tough to even go back to the Valhalla.
How can I can I keep on listening from now on with satisfaction, if I know that I am being kept from hearing the fine nuances which really justify the mane "high end" by using a lesser cable?
I think that my only chance lies in taking up a second mortgage and buy this cable eventually. I have to look at it from the only perspective possible: This is a lifetime investment, since I will never have to bother again about interconnects for the rest of my audiophile life.

Or does someone see another solution, which has somehow slipped by my attention, since I admit, I have become biased in my opinions recently?
yes,now if you really looking for the best,you must also try theses cable(no price limit)againts tara the zero,nbs statement or monitor 0,kharma enigma(will be ready in few weeks),synergistic ,mit oracle v1,transparant opus......
Tekunda - Any idea how soon you will be able to reveal what this less expensive cable is?
Interesting timing on this post. I borrowed all siltech IC's and 2 runs of speaker cables to see if they were better than the audio tekne cables. After about 10 hours of listening we noticed a slight bit more resolution with a leaner bass. Hardly a change in sound. At 10% of the cost I am very pleased with the audio tekne cables.
G5 or G3? It would be very interesting of course if you are refering to the G5 line of cable, since that would really speak for the Audio Tekne.
From my research I learned that the G3 was not regarded as something special, even by Siltech.