Siltech G3 X Purist Audio Colossus

Please,I need some advice in interconnects upgrade.

My system:

SME 10A + Koetsu Red Signature
Accuphase DP-65V
Pass X-2 Pre Amp.
Pass X-150 Power Amp.
Apogee Caliper Sigs.Speakers
Krell Cogelco Yellow Int.
Siltech LS-80 G3 Speaker Cables

Thank you
Go for the Siltech, no contest compared to Colussus. The PAD Dominus is an incredible cable, but the lower PADs aren't so hot, IMO of course. Plus, you already own Siltech speaker cables, and silver works VERY well with Pass electronics. I would recommend some SQ-88 G3 Siltechs and you'll be a happy camper. Not obscenely priced if you can find them used or from an internet dealer either...
Thank you so much Findoc,for your great advice