Siltech Classic Anniversay 550L speaker cable

Are they really good as reported? Are they worth the price? How do they sound, please. Thanks.
Dave_72, I have Siltech 770L speaker cables which are essentially a slightly heavier gauge version of the 550L. Yes, they really are wonderful sounding cables, but they are expensive. "Are they worth the price"? For me, and a good friend of mine, absolutely.

My gear is Atma-Sphere, my friend has all VAC. We've tried many top contenders yet we agree, Siltech brings out the best in each of our systems. We're also using Siltech 770i interconnects. As you move up the price ladder, sonics improve incrementally, but you have to draw the line somewhere and the "Classic Series" seems to offer the best bang for the buck.

To my ears, Siltech cables flesh out images better and make things more believable while presenting music with an ease and beauty I don't hear with other cables.

The sound is big, open and transparent with wonderful layering front to back. These cables are also very extended and dynamic with plenty of power and weight to the music. Little details and nuances are clearly presented, yet in a natural way.

I could go on but you probably get the point. I've had Siltech in my system for almost two years now and I'm done auditioning cables.
Cool, thanks for the review! I gotta get my hands on those now! lol.

I agree with you about the Classic series. They looked like the best value (relative to high end audio prices) and I'm glad you confirmed that.

I'm going with the 550Ls because the 770Ls are not in my budget. But I certainly wouldn't mind having them!

Take care.
Hi Dave,

Just read the response from Rfogel8 & I concure 110%, in fact I am using the 550i Speaker Cables with the 770i Jumpers & the 550i I/C in my system for my Almarro 318b I/A, Cary Audio 306 SACD Player, Marantz MR85 Tuner & Gemme Audio Katana Speakers for about 2 yrs or so & Love the sound & feel no need or desire to experiment or change again. Found my Cable Holy Grail! : )


Very cool. Thanks for your comments. I just hope after upgrading the entire system, that I have enough money to get these. Until then, I'll go with Neotech.
Hi Dave,

It will be a well worthwhile upgrade if/when you do & will be no regrets.

If finances don't permit the 550i's, then you could go with the 330i's & go for 550i/770i Jumpers as i did with my set up as I couldn't afford the 770i cables, & read somewhere that going with the jumper cables from the above cable gave enough benefit without breaking the bank so I went with the 550i-sc/770i-j combo and I'm happy that i did. Just my 2c worth, maybe you can try them out somewhere & see for yourself & by the way the 330i's are nothing to sneeze at, are great cables in their own right & worth a try/listen.

Good Luck.

Ok, cool, thanks for your words. I definitely can't swing the pre to power amp balanced connection as i like preamp and sources next to the listening seat. So, that's a long run which would be costly. So, Neotech for that one. For speaker cable i don't see why not go with Siltech. Thanks.
Hi Dave,

Keep an eye out for used/demo Siltech cables from members/dealers with good feedback, as you can get some good deals so if you find some deals you can't refuse you'll be set & get the jumpers for icing on the cake & enjoy.

Ok, sounds good. Thanks!
Little late to the party, but here's a link to a good read/mini review..
I have always wanted to demo these cables/cords.

Happy Listening!