Siltech cables with optional Furutech connectors


I'm going to be purchasing some Siltech cables and I am thinking about having the optional Furutech carbon series connectors installed for the balanced analog, AES/EBU and power cords. I would like to get carbon series for bananas however my preference is angled bananas and Furutech only make straight line carbon bananas thus I may get the WBT-0160AG rather than get the carbon staightline or Furutech's only angled bananas, the FP-202.

My question is for those familiar with Siltech cables has anyone tried the Furutech CF-601M(R) & CF-602F(R) options and how do they compare to Siltech's standard Neutrik XLR's in either black (Anniversary models) or Nickel (Signature models)?

I've seen nothing but praise for the Furutech FI-50 IEC and AC's so I see no risk there but I don't come across much talk about their XLR's or bananas.