Silnote or Wireworld XLRs?

Silnote Morpheus Reference II Series II or Wireworld Silver Eclipse 7 XLRs?
The Silnote is great wire. I have interconnect, speaker, and Power cords on my Cary V12 rig. Best, except for my WE16ga talked about in several other threads. I haven't used Wireworld over the last bunch of years, so my view might be a bit out-dated, but you will likely really enjoy the Silnote. You should read Schroeder's recent review on Dagogo. Best, Rob
I have Silnote Poseidons and Orions in my systems - Ics and digital - excellent top to bottom presentation - IMHO
I concur w/ the panel as above. I am thinking that the SilNote would better the WW. Caveat, WW platinum would be a better comparison.

Additionally, I like the WW electra7 power cord.

Keep me posted & Happy Listening!