Silnote Audio cables & pricing??

I am thinking of trying a pair of the Silnote Morpheous
Ref II cables and am wondering what you think of them?
I want to try a pair between my integrated & DAC. Also a bit confused by the prices. On their site they all look like they are over $1k, but are all over the net for $150 +. Are they really a high dollar product with bad resell, or are the retail prices just super inflated? Really just wondering as I cannot get a handle on them and not sure if I should buy new or try to buy used. I know the obvious answer is to call them and see, but wanted to check here first.

Thanks for any info & thoughts.
My good friend bought some and they were nothing special. When he went to return them (b/c of a 30 day return policy) he was told you should try the next up in the line, which he did) but then he still didn't think them worth the $$ and by then the 30 days had passed and he was told he now couldn't return them!
Hi Sksos,

Thanks for the reply, but I answered my own question shortly after posting as a friend of mine came over with the IC's and a pair of Poseidon speaker cables, and I guess it's system dependent but they sound fantastic in my system. Really rich & transparent with outstanding imaging & dark background without sucking the life out of the top end. I bought the IC's just about an hour ago from him, and am working on getting the SC's. Funny how things work out sometime!
Enjoy Telescope.....yes everything is system dependent.
They work great in my system also. So good I sold my Mega dollar cables, not that they were bad but the Silnote was as enjoyable at a fraction of the cost!
My experience with these cables has been very positive. I bought them on a whim at the audiogon intro price last year. Unfortunately, due to my preamp being down for several months, I was unable to use them until recently. After about 100 hrs of continuous play they sound absolutely fantastic. Very open/transparent sound, good resolution, bass is very decent, midrange is superb. I think at the retail price they offer very good value, but at promo price they are a steal! My system is cabled with KS Emotion cables exclusively. Other brands I've tried in the past (mid to top level) include Cardas, Shunyata, Audioquest, Kimber, Anticable, Tara Labs, Antipodes, Monster (1000 and Sigma series) and a few others that escape my memory right now. The Morpheus Ref II come very close to the KS Expression at 1/2 the retail price.
I own 2 sets of the Silnote Morpheus Reference ll cables. They are excellent! In particular, I notice that the mid range is very open and this extends on to the highs, which sound airy and extended when the music calls for it.
I have gone through a lot of cable sets, looking for just the right sound, and the Sinotes reach that goal with aplomb! A+!
I forgot to mention my gear, in regards to using the excellent Silnote Morpheus Reference ll cables.

Mark Levinson 326S preamp
Bryston BDA-2 dac
2 Mcintosh MC162 in bridged mode, one per speaker
B&W 802D speakers.
Another happy customer, I have a Morpheus reference and Poseidon XLR's, both are excellent. The lower price on Audiogon seems permanent, I guess the reduction is a marketing ploy. Still they are good cables.
Hello David12,

I am about to buy a Morpheus Reference II or Poseidon XLR interconnects, i see you have had both, how would you recommend the poseidon over the Morpheus II, does it worth the extra money?

I love to hear some comments and suggestions about it and since i live in Mexico i don't have time to try them of
Sorry, I missed your post. The silnote are good cables, but to be honest, I didn't hear a significant difference between the two
I too, really like the Silnote for all the comments mentioned above.
Just got a pair of XLR terminated Silnote Morpheus Ref II interconnects. My initial impressions after a day of music is: Very well made; Sound transparent in my Ayon Audio tube amp and Ayon Audio CD-07. This is all I can ask for ...except for a fair price: Less than $200 for 1M XLR of this quality is a fair price!
I'm a fan of Silnote Cables - have Orion and Posideon IC, and Posideon 2 digital in my main system; Posideon IC and Morpheous 2 digitial in my second system, and Morpheous 2 IC in my headphone system
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I love Silnote cables (I have several), but I always really dislike dealing with the owner.  He's an incredibly talented electrical engineer, but lacks the social graces necessary for good customer service, or for sales.  I wish he would hire someone to handle that part of his business.
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...lacks the social graces necessary for good customer service, or for sales.  

Sounds like the owner of My Audio Design speakers. That guy is an arrogant dick.
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Haven't had any issues myself with Mark (Silnote) , transactions have always been quick, easy and good communication
I bought a Poseidon phono cable and interconnect along with a pair of Orion M-1 speaker cables and I could not be happier. I was going to start buying components but decided to upgrade my cables and it was the best decision I could have made. Mark is a great person to deal with and I will be buying from him again.

Bob Kernechel

Thanks for all the feedback I gotta get some silnote in my system! 
I have several of there cables and Mark has ALWAYS been great! As a return customer he even offered me $100.00 off his speaker cables. Thats not why I am posting , I replaced all my interconnect cables ( they were MIT) and powercables ( MAC & MIT) with Marks cables and found them to be better than what I had. VERY nice guy!
I bought the zorion 2 dpeaker cables which beat several cables like Synerrgistic research at 2x the cost those active wall warts what a scam.
Interconnects the Poseidon MK-2  interconnects  Excellent and very competitive vs cables at 2x their price. A very well balanced  high end cable !!
I was looking at Silnote Orion M-1 speaker cables: Are them comparable at Audioquest Redwood? Thank you
I owned the Orion M1 cables  and Silnote  interconnects.  My  friend brought his cables over to compare ,and he explained how his Foils were better then stranded, he was right his sounded more like real music playing .I then saved and ordered the Verastarr audio cables .
It was too bad I did not hear these cables before I could have saved myself a lot of money thrn on resale. Since then I order direct and save I recently bought the power cords for my digital a substantial improvement having 30 days to evaluate 
Is also a plus.