Does anybody have experience with SILNOTE AUDIO CABLE?

For example  with Poseidon ES Master Reference Power Cable

and Morpheus Reference II Series II XLR.

So I have the Poseidon GL Reference 1 meter Power Cable and the Morpheus Ref II Series II digital for my cd transport and love them both. I compared the Morpheus to the Kimber D60 and the Shunyata Delta Digital. The Kimber was lackluster and flat in comparison to the Morpheus and Delta. Both the Morpheus and Delta had rich full dynamics and clarity at all frequencies but the Delta is $200more. I stuck with the Morpheus and recommend the 1.5meter. I wound up getting the Shunyata Delta NR for my Krell Amp and that is an unbelievable cable.
The Poseidon is more transparent than the Morpheus which is a warmer cable. I'm, thinking of getting the Silnote Anniversary Speaker Cables for my Vandersteens. Let me know what you guys think?
Thanks audiosaurusrex for sharring your experiences with Silnote cables.
sorry I am just catching up to your question.

I have not experienced any of what you have with the Morpheous with RCA terminations. The Poseidon Signature offers more detail , I don't have the Poseidon Reference RCA , I do have Poseidon digital cable. The Orion is the highest level Silnote RCA I have and it takes the music to another level , again without any displeasing aspects to my ears


Thanks a lot for your support!

I am going to test them indeed.

Greetings from Europe

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