Silly puddy for cleaning turntable mat?

So I have been thinking about a good way to clean up the platter, mainly turntable mats, without getting things wet, or using any chemicals.. dust and little lint type specs obviously stick in time to the turntable mats, Rubber, Herbies foam type, and felt…

Now for Felt its going to have a bunch of felt fibers come off, but would still work well I would assume.

I have a herbies excellent mat, which is very soft and nice surface, I don't wish to take it off the table every month or so to rinse under water or anything like that.

My question is Silly puddy rolled up in a like Rolling pin setup, or just doing a quick ball rolled up and spot smoosh areas would seem to be very cheap, and have great effect at lifting all the debris from a table mat, or platter if you are bare, or even Rubber.

I don't think silly puddy would leave any residue or chemical behind? I know there are probably some other clay type substances that could do this as well, but seems silly puddy is the safest and would last forever?

Does anyone advise against this method or substance cleaning the Mat surface? I mean it seems it would be basically like a version of the Oznow Zero dust cleaner for stylus, but for the much more grimmy and less delicate table surface. I mean the stuff is strong enough to pull the ink out of a newspaper without damage right?

Thanks for any input on this. Maybe the Silly puddy is just a Silly question!
How about using one of those sticky rollers for taking the lint off your clothes? When it gets dirty (translation: non-sticky), you take IT to the sink to wash the roller and make it "new" again.
Now that I think about it, I think I'll clean my Goldmund mat that way! Gotta go now...
Alrau1, I actually posted a second post immediately on this thread after my original, stating that I already thought about a lint roller type, and due to the adhesive etc.. Might not be a good idea, but for some reason did not pass agon's approval process.
The type I'm talking about has no adhesive--it has a sticky "rubber" roller. I doubt it's as sticky as silly putty, but it can be cleaned (which silly putty can't).

The lint roller worked great on the Goldmund mat (it's about 3/16" thick and not flexible). Thanks for getting me to try it.
Alrau1, Oh okay, I will have to look for one like that... Only ones I have found recently are the lint rollers that have the stupid paper you peel off each time.. Thanks for the tip, that might work perfectly.
I picked up the blue cement roller type rubber lint cleanable one the other day, works great your right, and no stupid paper sticky sheets to peel off!
Glad you liked it. I've seen 'em in other colors, but mine's blue too (and, conveniently, just about the radius of an LP in size).

It might also work well as a casual pre-cleaning of an LP prior to washing and/or playing it, but I haven't tried it. It might keep surface dirt from being pushed into the grooves during cleaning.
Hmm, well for LP cleaning I would not suggest that, I would just use a carbon Brush and leave it... cause you are putting a sticky substance against the vinyl in the case of the lint roller.. Not sure that is a good idea cause that would on a micronic level more than likely effect the gunk in the grooves more than help it.

But it does work awesome on the Herbies mat, its very powerful and really cleans the surface of the mat like a surgeon and leaves no residue or foreign debris we are cleaning off in the first place.