Silent Source - Music ref. VS- MG Audio Planus AG

Guys Has anyone heard both these cables- They have both been rec. to me and am trying to get some real world feedback between the 2 sets of cables- they will be used in a tubed system and do not want any glare or harshness- I have been told that both these cables do not give any harshness but come across fast and warm-Any feedback is appreciated-

I have spent some time w/ Silent Source in both tubed (Aesthetix) and solid state (PAss Labs) systems. I can tell you that you would hard-pressed to find better cables/cords at this price level.

To my ears, Silent Source gets out of the way and allows the listener to enjoy the music.

The same can be said for Transparent Reference or OPUS cabling at a much higher price-point.
Keep me posted & Happy Listening!
MG Planus AG are VERY fast and articulate. A ribbon is a ribbon is a ribbon. The Planus III copper is fast as well and both are very detailed yet very smooth The MG calling card is its speed. Leading edges fly by like wings lifted on sonic ailerons.

As much as I enjoyed their detail, they were too much for my old ears on my SS system. They may be just the ticket for you given your tubes and what your looking for. Lee and Greg are both easy and fun to deal with, the price is right and they offer a trial period in any case so you can check them out.

Enjoy the tunes along the way.