Silent Source cables-Need advice regarding customer service or lack of--

Guys- to make a long story short- I purchased the Music Ref. cables from Frank Dickens- After a week of emails and no responses he finally sent them after I was about to cancel my credit card- Great Cables- I just broke an RCA and Frank said to send it back- I overnighted them and have heard nothing since- I even wanted to purchase a longer length- Finally after a few weeks he emailed and said his computer cratered but would get to my cable by the end of the week- that was 2 weeks ago and still has not returned any of my many emails- i needed this cable back for X-mas holidays- Any suggestions as to what to do- It is very disappointing after spending many thousands of dollars with someone and wanting to possibly spend more to have zero communication in almost a month and around 10 email requests- I really hate to write this type of post but really need some advice as I want my cable back - thanks for the advice and have a Happy Holiday to all!!!

You mention that you keep e-mailing him and that he has had computer problems. How many times have you tried calling him? Here is a link with a phone number. I'd recommend some voice contact, though it is now probably too late for X-mas.

John Fort of John Fort Audio in Dallas TX, is the beta tester for Frank.
Here are the contact #'s - 972.644.1199
                                        - 469.855.5646 c

These are outstanding cables/cords, so, keep me posted.
Happy Listening!
I did try calling him and his voice mail is full when I have called so I try to email as I know he will get that- again do not want to cause a stir just want my cable back or at least the courtesy of a response as any normal person would expect-
fluffers...i have dealt with Frank in the past and he is not the fastest responder but ...he is a great guy and WILL make good his promise. I agree that they are great cables.
Purist is a wonderful co try them next time this co sounds really bad.

fluffers, keep in mind that Frank operates a very small, virtually one-person, business in Silent Source. His products are superb, both sonically and in build quality. As frustrating as I know it it to be without your cables, I suggest you give him a bit of time to address the repair for you.

I gather your cables directly from Silent Source. Nonetheless, you could try calling Lloyd Walker at Walker Audio, 610-666-6087, for some suggestions. Lloyd is a dealer for Silent Source, a huge fan of Frank's work and is regularly in touch with him. 

have you made any contact w/ Frank?
Frank is great to work with and his Music Reference power cords are keepers. As we all get older, health issues may impact the way how small boutique shops can operate their business. 

give us an update on your situation.
got the cable back and fixed- all is good-
Thank You for the update.
I have two of Frank's Silent Source Reference power cables and they are keepers imho. Happy listening!
Thanks! for sharing- r_f
Glad it all turned out well..Enjoy..
This brand of cables/cords are real sleepers, especially, at used/demo prices.
Anyone else discovered SS cabling in 2016?
Yeah, I bought a pair of The Music Reference interconnects from fluffers, the OP, about 2 months ago.
Very nice cables indeed. I have them running between ARC Ref 5 preamp and Pass Labs XA-100.5 amps.

Frank is very difficult to contact, I can vouch for that. Great cables though.
Hi all,

I am very impressed with how each of you responded to this frustrating situation, especially the OP. 

Best to you all,
As above- jmcgrogan2-

for any queries/issues reach out and touch John Fort. He works very closely w/ Frank.

It is good to read that you have discovered SS cabling. I was thoroughly impressed w/ these cables/power cords during my visit w/ John Fort Audio about 2 years ago. During my listening sessions, Silent Source (SS) does play very well w/ other brands, more on target with, Wireworld and Signal Cable, as one can mix and match to taste.

Happy Listening!
I will 2nd

the ARC Ref5 pre-amp. Have you thought about upgrading to the "SE" status jmcgrogan2 ?
It is good to read that the ARC and Pass Labs are sonic matches.

No doubt that the REF5 SE is the best tubed pre-amp at this juncture, while Pass Labs, is the best solid-state currently.
Have you thought about upgrading to the "SE" status jmcgrogan2 ?

I haven't looked into this, as I was under the impression that ARC was only offering that upgrade for a limited time.
I'll have to check with ARC to see if they still do it.

No doubt that the REF5 SE is the best tubed pre-amp at this juncture

I'm sure that ARC would argue that their Ref 6 is better than the Ref 5SE.
You know ARC, I'm sure the 6 SE will be out in another 6 months. ;^)