Silent Running VR under tube vs solid-state amp

I'm interested in purchasing a VR Isbase for my system. I've read that the amp is the place to start. In my experience, CD T-port/players seem to benefit most from isolation (Vibraplane, Symposium Rollerblocks, Solid Tech, Relaxa, etc).

While I don't doubt that tube amps would greatly benefit from the VR Isobase as it would isolate the tubes from vibration, I'm not sure that s-s amps are as susceptible.

Any thoughts?
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I agree with your starting with the source stuff. If you wan to put something under your amp (and its already on a solid amp stand, rack shelf or whatever) use the heavy capacity Vibrapods. Tried and true.
Normally I don't like to say someone is "wrong", Nsgarch, but you are wrong here IMHO. Why? Because I too just like you thought the SAME THING when I first researched SRA products and Kevin told me to start with the amps first for the greatest result. Like you, I figured, as conventional wisdom always held, that you treat the source first as resonance hurts the source the most.

But, as has been so often the case I WAS WRONG and the improvement under my Lamm SOLID STATE amps (well, OK, they have ONE tube) was simply incredible. I was astounded that the improvement was so noticable considering that my amps were spiked to a concrete slab with Walker Audio Valid Points before that.

I am not saying treating the source will not help, but in three different systems (other than my own) I have heard and helped the owner address resonance with - EACH time - the SRA products under tha AMPs resulted in the greatest improvement. Weird, I know, contrary to the norm, yes, but true. In two of those cases, it was a solid state amp too.

I hope this helps.
Fmpnd -- everything I treated resulted in an improvement. I just happened to start with the sources first and got to the amp last. By the time I did get to the amp, it seemed to me that I'd already heard the most change(s) for the better. But I suppose I could've done it the other way. I do think that tube gear benefits the most, even one-tube gear!

I am sure you are right about your system. I am also sure you could probably figure out from my post that I wasn't doubting you or your experience. In fact YOUR experience is the same as MINE whenever I treated my system in the past with everything other than SRA products. Stated alternatively, with other isolation products I too had the best results and started with my sources and ended with the amps with not as much change at that point.

What I should have been more clear about in my first post is that it was only with SRA products that I heard such a massive and disproportionate improvement treating the amps first. I also tried SRA products under my tubed Tenors but I was surprised that BOTH the SS and tubed gear were improved to the same degree - again, just the opposite of conventional wisdom.

My advice for Sndsrtaud would be to call SRA and ask Kevin why this is so. He is a great guy and will be better at explaining than I am.
I used the top SRA isolation bases to isolate my CAT JL-1 Limited Edition monoblocks and the sonic improvement was dramatic. I recently changed my amplification to a solid-state amp (the darTZeel), and I was not sure what to expect in the way of improvements with isolation. Like Fmpnd I remembered Kevin at SRA explaining to me that the most significant improvements can be had by isolating the amps, but, given that the darTZeel is a solid-state design, I had my doubts about the level of improvement that could be achieved. I installed an SRA OCXL+ isolation base under the solid-state amp a little over two weeks ago, and the sonic improvement was a very pleasant surprise. I would echo Fmpnd's advice to contact Kevin at SRA. He has never led me astray.
I'm with Fmpnd on this topic. Having used a multitude of different isolation products, the end all answer is "It Depends". (Upon Isolation Product & Component Being treated)

Most of the products that I've used, excluding SRA, provided the greatest initial "system improvement" when first treating a source component (Turntable or Transport).

As for SRA platforms, IMO, the biggest bang will consistently come when starting with the amp(s). Treatment of tube amps is particularly dramatic. I have been systematically swapping out previous component isolation products with SRAs and am sold on their benefits. As with most tweaks, the benefits of treating multiple components will be additive, but the "law of diminishing (sonic) returns" will also be in full effect.

Previous & Current Products Tried and/or in use:

Arcici Suspension Rack
BDR Cones, Pucks, & Source Shelves
Walker Valid Points
Bright Star Platforms
SRA VR Platforms (4)- Still in use
SRA Ohio Bases (2) - Still in use

Good Luck