Silent Running Audio

Does anyone have experience with Amp stands from Silent Running audio? Are they real or just another way to dump money into my system.
Hi Briweve. I recently purchased one of SRA's amp stands, and have found it to be a worthwhile addition to my system. I am using it under an Air Tight ATM-2 amplifier. The most apparent differences are a reduction in the noise floor, improved low level resolution, and better imaging. The only other amp stand I've used is a Zoethecus, and the SRA is definitely a step up (the SRA was also about $75 cheaper). However, whether its worth it to you depends on your system - if you have a $1000 integrated, a $575 amp stand is not the best investment, but as a final improvement in a well set up system, it is unquestionably worth it. BTW, Kevin Tellekamp at SRA/Performance Coatings is a true gentleman - one of the nicer guys you'll meet in audio. Hope this helps.
Hi Briweve, Not sure if this is of any help, but I do have an SRA under my Clearaudio turntable. Came specially made for the table. It is a remarkable piece. Isolation is just terrific. Any unwanted vibration would be quickly noticed from this non-suspension TT. I have not tried any other product under the TT, nor have I felt the need. Feedback regarding Kevin Tellencamp's products have all been omplementary. Try an audition, if you can. Good luck
Rzado, Exactly what differences did you note between the SRA and Zoethecus amp stands? Thanks in advance!