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Hello, does anyone have recent experiences with this German firm? I thought their cables were allright. But it seems they have closed their business. Any respons would be welcome.
I think they are out of business. I e-mailed them for info or purchase some time ago. Never got any respons.
Silencable (formerly Heavens Gate Audio) is still in business. We will be the US representitive in the near future.

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They seem to be in business - allright;
Heard their products @ MOC - Munich @ 2009.
They were with Lansch + EMM + Digital Domain etc.
The room initially had Argento Cables & later changed over to silencable - symphony.
I places a 'sample' order in Germany for 5 cables - 3 months have gone by - no delivery as yet.....
I have been waiting for the cables to be sent - funds were transferred 3 months back.
1st time I have come across a 'German' company that is
'so slow' or if I may use a word 'irresponsible' with its production & commercial side of things - logistics - courier modes are not established... I am surprised...
Mumbai - India
Received delivery of 2 Symphony RCA to RCA Cables.
2.0M & 1.5M
They were 'white' not the usual 'black'
Power cords are still o/s. I wonder when those will be delivered.
I understand that silencable will be in USA - RMAF - soon.
Just installed the 2 cables.
Shall 'evaluate' them after 2 weeks - need them to settle down & burn in.
Echole & Argento are 'house contenders'
On the Power Cord front there is also the Transparent Audio PLMM & Acoustic Revive & Echole Obsession.
This I shall know [how the silencable] only after [if] the power cables get delivered to me......


schwinnaudio . com

27.09.2009 Mumbai - INDIA
I got the Silencable Power Cords - after a long delay....
Apparently the company was shifting office - so I was told..

The Power Cord is poorly built - a distant cousin of NBS.

For the price - the build quality is below par.

Bertram seems to be the 'new kid on the block'
Has anyone heard these cables ?
ZenSati is another new starter.

The Echoles are playing well.

My Argento got shipped to Greece - via Audiogon & the replacement - SMA - 3.0M ex top of the line never got shipped to me. I am still waiting to compare Ulrik's cable to the Echole & Silencable & Bertram. Should be interesting.

I have ZenSati cables, they are THE new kid on the block.

They were introduced at the Copenhagen Hifi show about 2 weeks ago and had VERY positive responses.

If you are looking for a neutral cable, that just lets you hear the recording this is it.

I have purchased a complete set op ultra silence cables. Power Cord, Loudspeaker cable, Balanced interlinks they are all ultra silence. Playing with Pass laps 350X / 2.5X Pioneer S-1EX-W. The combi is really sublime!!!! Love those cables.

Former Heavens Gae is now Silencable, although I heared that the quallity of silencable is less than Heavens Gate.

I'm currently trying out a bundle of their cables with various interconnects and speaker cables (from their entry level to the stratospheric priced ones); so far, i find them similar(ish) to my current Synergistic Research stuff - wide soundstage, good bass and detail retrieval and an open and delicate open end. Like SR, their entry level stuff is on the warmer side of neutral, with a smooth and balanced presentation but a little too polite and "shut in" for my tastes. Up the ladder, (ie with the LS 16 and 32 speaker cables), neutrality, speed and attack increases with a healthy dose of bass slam but tend to become too clinical and sometimes edgy at the top end. This could be a case of system synergy - and the fact that they are still breaking in - so I'm willing to keep listening to them for some time. Bottom line, like any other cable, they have some great strengths but also some noticeable weaknesses, but they are worth a serious audition within your system context.
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