Signs of poor electricity in home...?

Ok folks I know pretty much that all homes have crappy power for electronic gear. However my dilemna is that I have continued to have a buzz type sound come from my spkrs whenever amp is powered on. This is the same case with three different amps and a recvr. I just completely disconnected everything and have all the gear everywhere in the living room. This was no small task.
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I use Signal pwr cables and my own custom made.
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I have eliminated any cable combo as the culprit and have it narrowed down to the fact that with an amp plugged in, powered on, and just spkr cable connected to a spkr I get this slight buzz/hiss type noise. I mean nothing connectected to amp but what I said...electricity...and spkr cable direct to spkr. It is not the hmmmmmmmm of's a hiss like white noise makes when a tv channel would sign off-air if you are old enough to know what I mean.'s bugging me to pieces. I have went to the breaker box in garage and eliminated it being the fridge in neighboring room, etc. Even with the Panamax it still gets noise to the spkrs mid/twtr...mainly mid. Volume has little or no effect on it if you are wondering.

So????? Dirty house power and what do I do. Would having a seperate/dedicated line help? I don't have dimmer lamps or any other of the typical buggers in the ac chain. No tv either as I have a Pj setup which plugs in where I use to have a ceiling fan and installed box/receptacle to pwr it.

I don't hear it if source is playing but sitting idle all 5 spkrs doing this is annoying. Suggestions please.
I have a psa harvester on the way...we'll see if that helps. Accorcing to my Panamax which shows both volts and amperes the voltage is usually about 122-124 and amperes are 1.1-1.5 when rig is being used.

I have pwr co coming out later in the week...maybe something will be found...maybe not.
I haven't read all the responses so far. I had a similar affliction and it turned out to be a loose connection from the house wiring to an outlet that wasn't in use but on the same circuit leg.

Plug the entire system into a power strip and the strip into an outlet then try lifting the ground with a cheater plug. listen for any changes.

You should hear some hiss with your ear right next to the tweeter which should dissipate within one to three feet. are saying that 'you should hear...' some hiss/whining noise? It does dissipate as you move away from twtr/mid. Can't hear it from a couple feet but the center channel seems to do it the most.

I understand plugging all gear being used into a pwr one used for offices/computers...but how do I 'lift' the gnd...not sure how to do this. Thanks.

Should I pull the receptacles out of wall here in living rm andchk for secure connections? I know they all work if I need to use them though only a couple are used for anything...the rest have nothing plugged in them.
Yes, in even the most exotic systems you'll hear varying small amounts of hiss with your ear right up to the tweeter. Whining? No, that maybe an indication of another problem.

Plugging the system into a single power strip channels the systems ground into the power strips ground wire. Plug the power strip into your wall receptacle and listen for any change. Then, use a three prong into two prong adapter "cheater plug" at the end of the power strips plug. Plug that into the wall receptacle and listen for any change.

Physically checking all the wall receptacles within the circuit in question will be done with that circuit disabled at the breaker box. A receptacle could still pass current even with a loose connection, this is what happened to me. The loose connection created resistance and eventually caused intermittent noise and interruption. Yes, the receptacles need to be pulled out just far enough to check their connections. Over time and hot and cold the connection screws may need tightening. If your not experienced with working with AC wiring call in some favors or hire a professional.

After I repaired my loose receptacle I decided to have both the two channel and HT circuits completely rewired with more robust metal clad cable and 20 amp dedicated breakers. Total cost by a licensed electrician was $375. in 2001.
Vicdamone...I'm comfortable with chkng the wall plugs myself...not a problem. I replaced a some with powerports. I'll investigate and see what happens. Thanks for the tip on 'lifting' the gnd...I can try that too.