Signet SL 260 replacement parts

Hi all,
I am new here, and definitely don't have a clue about speakers. However, I was recommended to this site by a fellow audiophile, and he suggested I ask your advice.

I have a pair of Signet SL 260 B/U book shelve speakers. My dad bought these in the 90's, and now handed them down to me. The right speaker is cracking while normal volume is used, and I want to replace both the woofer and the tweeter.

First question, is this something a noob should take on (I am very handy, but have never taken a speaker apart before)?

Second question, is replacement parts. I have tried to do my own research first, and have come up with the following:

The original woofer was a Vifa P17WJ-00 6.5". I have found what I think to be a similar part here:

However, it is not the original P17. My question is, will this part work (or be better than the original), or am I on the wrong track? Not being an audiophile myself, I don't know much difference between this or others. I was trying to go with what was in their originally.

Second, as for the tweeter, it originally had a Seas 1" soft dome tweeter. I have looked for this, but there are many out there, and I don't know the difference ie:[endeca%3Amatches%28.%2C%22P_PortalID%22%2C%221%22%29+and+endeca%3Amatches%28.%2C%22P_Searchable%22%2C%221%22%29]&PortalID=1

This page has 7 Vifa tweeters, since the woofer was a Vifa, can I go with a Vifa tweeter since I can't find the Seas, or once again, should something else go in there?

I will say again, I am no audiophile, and mostly wanted to replace the parts with what was there originally.

Any help would be appreciated.