Signet phono cartridge info/help needed

My son has a Signet M R 5.0 Basic cart.

Does anyone have this or know about it?

What are the specs for this cart?

Where can I get info for this?

Any information on this will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks Rick.

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I had a 5.0 basic and a 5.0 e, which had a supposedly better stylus,in the late 80's early 90's. I paid approx. $100-$150 for them, as I recall - heavily discounted from retail. First on a Pioneer, then on a Thorens td 316. Those were the days, man, those were the days.
It's a moving magnet, tracks at 1.5gr or more, Jerry Raskin's Needle Doctor didn't think replacement styli were made anymore. I think it was a good cartridge for the money, at the time, but certainly nothing special. I hope this helps. Good luck.