Signet MR 5.0 me - LPGear replacement stylus

Hello all,
I have a Signet MR 5.0 me cartridge and I'm in need of a new stylus. The only new replacement I know of is the "LP Gear" version.
My question is can someone give me some feedback on how the LP Gear replacement sounds? If it's similar to the original Signet I'd be happy.
If you are going to replace the stylus, try to find the original LC stylus. The difference is decidedly better. Both detail and separation are improved to a point that the additional cost is warranted. William Thakker had some, and may still.

I find the Signet 5.0 to be somewhat of a sleeper that is overlooked more often than not. It is no replacement for a multi-thousand dollar moving coil, but it is competent for sure.
Regards, Danfor: Any stylus from the AT120 family should work well, from the ATN120e through the ATN140lc, ATN144MLa, ATN155lc (beryllium cantilever) or 150MLX.

Timeltel, do the above-mentioned AT stylus fit the Signet TK5Ea? I have a body that needs a stylus.
Mingles: I bought an untested TK5Ea, which of course had issues. Tested it with the stylus of an Audio Technica AT135E and it worked perfectly, so "yes" this family of styli will fit. I lucked out and found a NOS TK7LCa stylus which sounds wonderful.
Regards, Mingles: Either TurntableNeeles or StereoNeedles (no association) will group compatible styli. At the StereoNeedles site, styli from either group "K" or "L" will work, group "L" styli are not equipped with a hinged stylus protector. Not certain about the ATN130E but the ATN140LC & above are nude mounted, the ATN155/152LC are on beryllium cantilevers. Suggest you check both sites, their information is accurate.

Thank you! I'll check it out.
i have both the lp gear version and an atn120e and the atn120e is far superior . i love my signet cartridge and the stylus needed to be replaced so i just bit the bullet and picked them both up figuring that i would be set for a while with both styli in my pocket . you can still pick up an authentic audio technic a for a reasonable price . the lp gear is over 150.00 . so you make the call .