Signature Anti-Cables

Paul has a new top of the line Signature series. Has anyone tried them and compared them to their regular cables?
I do not see any such cable advertised on his web site. Are you sure you are not confusing these with the J.W. Audio Signature cables?
I am not sure if I have what you are talking about, but I have two pair of the RCA silver reference interconnects with the silver Eichmann plugs. I fond them to out perform the regular XLR anti-cables they replaced. It is a little hard to comment on the sound differences very accurately due to the change from balance to single ended. The new RCA cables are better in every way; more focused, extended better imaging and all while preserving more harmonic richness. I don't go through a lot of gear so I don't know how they compare to other cables other then AQ Cheetahs where I liked the reference ant-cables better. Lastly, in my system XLR does sound better then RCA so the fact that the new cables sound better then the old ones using the superior connections is even more significant.
Anti-cables ups the ante with anti-anti-cables?
The cables I'm talking about are not listed on Paul's website. Give him a call if interested. They are silver cable (not that silver alone is a panacea for everything, however Paul assures me these new cables are far better than the regular Anti-Cables...not expensive either sounds like you have the Signatures.
I am still running the silver signatures on the 'money back period', but it 'sounds like' they are staying...I like the anti-ic's very much, and after trying to find an IC (more expensive ones of course) that would improve the sound in my system - spending much time and frustration not knowing when cables are supposed to be fully broken in...I gave up(as nothing sounded as good to me) and intended to buy a second pair of IC's when he told me about the signature should try them out - nothing to lose.
I've had Paul's 'Reference' speaker cable in my system for about 100hrs now. Twin strand per speaker and higher purity copper. I've noticed little from a 'burn in' perspective. They are a step up from the regular AC, definately offering a more transparent and substantial presentation.
I too have Paul's reference double speaker cable. I only have about 50 hours on them. No huge improvement over the standards so far. Highs seem a bit more extended and do notice an improvement (small) in sound stage. Will report back after another two hundred hours.
Dmm53....Paul doesn't have reference speaker cables - only regular ones which are excellent. ..from Paul himself.

I had heard about his new reference silver ICs and called him. He did suggest his "knitted, doubled up" soeaker cable as a step up. The price is roughly $30/ft. Bought them and as reported, going through break-in.

Paul reports extended highs and better bass.
I've had the new sc in my system since Christmas. Its a step up. I notice more substance, fuller imaging and improved transparency. Standard sc is good, the new makes for a worthwile improvement for the money imho.