Signalcable Company

Has anyone used ic's from the Signalcable company?
They advertise in the classified's here on Audiogon, so I'm hoping someone can give me their
personel experience with them. I'm currently running all mid-level monster cable in my system and the upgrade bug has taken a chunk out of me, so I'm upgrading my cables. Six ft. is the longest cable I'd be needing, and that will run about $70 for a six foot A/V cable from Signalcable, so give or take a few dollar's that's the price range I'm looking at. My system is all SS if that makes a difference with these cables. All recommendations are welcome.
I have bought a digital cable from Signalcable. It is very very good. It is almost as good as a high end (and high price) silver digital cable I compared with. I have not tried their IC. I have just ordered 2 Magic Power cables and they are supposed to be similar to JPS. They are serious products that should be considered if you don't want to get into ultra high end cables.

They have down to earth prices but I haven't heard them. I wonder what wire they use in their ic's and speaker wire? Also, what level would their ic's and speaker wire compare to? Are they using belden? Amyone know?
Really nice speaker cables-well "dressed". Can't go wrong for the money.I will order more from this fellow.
I have two pair of their rca interconnects. They are very nice for the price, pretty neutral cable. They replaced two pair of Audioquest Quartz, that were too dark sounding. They have a 30 day money back guarantee, but I kept them.
I have a pair of the ic's and a pc. Nothing will sound as good at the price he offers!
Same as Kt_88, I have the PC and a pair of the ICs, and also think these cables are a very good value. I compared the ICs to a pair that I believe lists for $175 and a pair that lists for $400, and though not quite as detailed as the others, it compared very well, which is amazing considering the price difference. I haven't done a lot of back and forth testing with the PC yet, however. Maybe I'll post my results when I have.