Signalcabel silver power cord vs Nordost Vishnu ?

Have someone tried them ?
Okay, I'll try to help you. First, I don't believe Signal makes a "silver" power cord. Second, I have had the chance to hear the Nordost and my impression was not favorable (I'd rather use a stock cord).
Vishnu: typical Nordost. Quick, transparent, but upward coloration of the soundprint.
Signal Cable PCs are a great value with strong performance-At around 50$, they should be quite an affordable upgrade for a lot of systems
they are quite new.
It's difficult to make comparisons when one of the products is so new it's not on the website. If you're correct and there is a "silver" P/C, I'm also interested in knowing what it sounds like. I guess we'll wait together. I just received a S/C silver resoultion reference digital cable yesterday. It went between my sattelite box and reveiver, and so far, I'm pleased.
I guy in Sweden has it already and told me that it is very analytic but i wanted more info and hoped that someone in us had it.