Signal vs. Audio Art vs. Analysis Plus

Hey somebody started exactly the thread I wanted and guided it very well. Generally, there seemed to be consensus that Audio Art IC-3 and SC-5 were very good cables for their price but maybe not the final statement in bass extension.

Without hijacking dude's other thread - would anybody with experience using these value-driven Signal Cable / Audio Art / Speltz cables be able to also compare them to Analysis Plus Oval Nine speaker cables? I'm running an 8' double-run bi-wire pair of Oval 9s between my Blue Circle BC28 hybrid tube / SS amp to some big Revel Performa F30 floorstanders. Digital front-end will become a Bolder Cable modified Squeezebox ideally driven through analog outs straight into the Blue Circle BC28.

Any value speaker cable comparisons to AP Oval 9s (not very cheap in my mind) would be very much appreciated. I refuse to spend more than $300 for copper speaker wire, even if it's silver plated.
who is using Analysis Plus cables exclusively in their system?