Signal Ultra vs. Straight Wire Symphony w Tubes

Recently moved forward on some upgraded entry level speaker cables. Purchased a used pair of bi wire Signal Ultra cables. Unfortunately, they are shorter that advertised and I have to send them back.

I did try them out first and it was a huge upgrade from the makeshift bulk cables I had been temporarily using. Better detail more bass and a big warm sound stage. 12-1 o'clock gives me the volume that 2-3 did before.

I've heard the Signal can be a little veiled but it just sounded warm and really nice, especially compared to what I was using. I'm considering ordering a new pair in the right length.

Wanted to see if anyone can compare the sound of the Signal's to the Straight Wire Symphony? I like a slightly to the warmer side of neutral without losing detail. Hate real bright or harsh.

Have a Rogue Cronus Magnum and LSA Signatures.
I have heard some of the SW cables w/ Rogue components, very nice synergy there.

I would like to hear some of the Signal offerings, but have not found a dealer/retailer yet.
Also interested in opinions on Anti-Cables and others in the $150-$300 price range. I thought about starting with higher end cables but want to work my way up over time till I find what I like.
Good to hear on the SW and Rogue. Was that at a show, dealer or a friend?

TTheSW is about $100 more than the Signal.
The Signal Ultra sounded lifeless to me in three different systems. In your price range I like Transparent, Mapleshade, Discovery Cables.

I spent about 3 months listening to that combo while working in Baltimore- check out The listening Room-

Don is a nice guy and old audiophile.
What are thoughts on Kimber 4vs/8vs vs. some of the others?
I like Kimber 8TC a lot
There are so many good cables in that price range. Just a matter of system/room/personal preferences