Signal Power Cord with digitial components

I recently purchased a Signal Power Cord for my Audio Refinement amp and was instantly blown away by the improvement in the soundstage it gave over my stock cord. Now I am thinking of getting the digital power cord that is offered by them for my Audio Refinemnt Pre-2DSP and my future Integra HD-DVD player. I was wondering if anyone has tried this cord on their proceessor or a HD-DVD player. Thanks
I had good results with the SC Magic power cord on my Audio Refinement CD Player. I did not care for the SC Digital power cord on the same player. Don't know about the Pre.

I recently purchased a Signal Power Cord for my Audio Refinement amp and was instantly blown away by the improvement in the soundstage it gave over my stock cord.

"instantly blown away" is significant - so you may indeed have problems with dirty power or gear interaction. I doubt the manufacurer of the amp would sell it with a stock power cord if a tremendous improvement could be had with such a simple change. Have you considered trying the power cord you already have with each component (A/B testing) or an active power conditioning unit that you could use for all you gear?

Another thing to check would be to unplug all gear that you don't is possible that a dirty SMPS power supply somewhere is inducing noise into the rest of your gear through the mains - TV's use quite a bit of power and can dirty the mains.
That is very interesting SSGLX. So maybe the basic cord would work just fine. I can see your point. Thanks
If you can deal with their stiffness, Magic Power cords all around wouldn't be a bad idea. Frank will make them with 90 deg connectors too if you ask.
So I bought the HD DVD player and I see the female end into the player is like something I have never come across before. It is sort of half square/half round. I was wondering if anyone knew the name for that connection. It's a lot smaller than a typical 15 amp female. I was hoping on upgrading the power cord to it but know I don't know if such an upgrade exists??? Thanks
I think you'll need to use an adapter if you want to try and 15A IEC. You can review possible candidates here:

I'm not saying you should buy frome Gene (although he is a great guy) but you'll probably find the necessary model from his offerings. I use one on my OPPO dvd player with good results.
Which one do you use Rgd? I looked on the site you provided and none look like they would work. I wish I knew the name of that connection. I see it is the same female end as my cheesey cable box and another dvd played I own.
I use the C7/C14 adapter that has round sides on both sides of the adapter. I think you need the C7/C14 "polarized" version that has round on one side and square on the other:

if that one doesn't match your requirements then I'm out of ideas...
Why don't you ask Frank first.
I am sure he can make it with whatever the connection you might need. Sand him a photo (of the connection type) if you have to.
No big deal........
Your RIGHT Rgd. That is exactly what I need. So you like yours? What kind of cord did you hook up to your adaptor? The sound is more open and stronger?? Can you explain how it improved the player. I think for the price it is worth a shot.
For my Oppo I made up my own power cord using Marinco ends and heavy duty 12 gauge insulated wire from a local hardware store. I have better cords within some of my systems in the house but have not had the time to audition them on the Oppo. I would say that the bass is better defined - not stronger but much easier to follow. Its easier to pick out the bass player in the soundstage. If you get an adapter at least you can try a number of cords to find out which one works best for you.
Frank sells them for like 7 bucks or something. I have 2 from him
Frank told me they don't make them because their cord is too big. I got one from PS Audio it's called X Stream Power Punch Power Cable C7. It's a full cord. No adaptors.
Hi, I was hoping others could give their input on the Signal Digital Power Cord. Did you hear an improvement over the stock cord you replaced?
Cardas makes a PC with the two pin connector for dvd players. Here:
I use one on my cd player Atoll i'm very happy with it,plus not the bs price you see on other cords.
Same here. I have Frank's Digital Power Cords on my Outlaw Model 990 HT Processor and Marantz DV-9600 universal player. Each replacement added to the sound and video. I told Frank that when I replaced my PS Audio power cords with his Digital Power Cords, I noticed a 2dB increase in sound in the system using my Radio Shack meter. His power cords are relatively inexpensive to purchase and will his return policy, it doesn't hurt to try and see if they do make a difference in your system.

I have a SignalCable Digital Reference powercord on my Rotel RCD-1072 player, and it has improved every aspect of disc playback over the stock cord. Highly recommended.
I have the same problem and I need the c7/c14 adaptor or to buy the PS Audio - Punch Power Cable.
anyone have any idea/experience/recommend what will be beter: the adaptor with SC digital power or the PS Audio - Punch Power Cable.

thanks in advance
I have the Signal cable digital reference pc on both my transport and processor. Significant improvement over stock and a steal for the price. Quieter backgrounds, cleaner, yet richer, less digital artifacts... all the buzz words we use for improvements; other cords are probably as good, others still better, but can't imagine better bang for the buck for such an improvement, and Frank is always easy to deal with. Happy Lissn'n.
Signiicant improvement over stock cord and another digital cord from a well known manufacturer(at 4 times the price)..have had great success with signal power cords and use them on every component in my system ,,,cam400 monos,classe 700 pre,,meridian g08,,,cdplayer and arc ph5 phono stage...
Slbenz, a 2db increase in sound does not mean "better". The actual sound quality of the cable more important. I think the PS Audio Power Punch sounds better in my system.
How well does the Signal Cable Digital Reference power cord compare to the Harmonic Tech Fantasy AC-10 power cord?